Volunteer Models Wanted!

Love vintage clothing? Want to strut your stuff on our vintage catwalk? Be a model for a day with some hints and tips from the gals at Evans Modelling! All shapes and sizes and MEN TOO PLEASE!
We'll need you Sunday October 17th, 11am to approximately 4pm.

For more info contact us at vintagevixengirls@gmail.com

The Clothing Exchange

This year we have the girls from The Clothing Exchange on board. They'll be ready to answer your questions on how/where you attend their next event and how it all works. Want to learn how to reduce your carbon footprint through fashion? Read on...

The Clothing Exchange was developed in response to the need for reducing Australia’s problem of wasteful consumption which is soaring above the $10 billion mark each year. Unlike most forms of environmental activism, The Clothing Exchange enlivens and excites people by amplifying the simple, sustainable practice of sharing. While people attend the event seeking a free wardrobe update, they often find themselves equally elated by the prospect of seeing their unwanted clothes getting a new lease on life and feel good taking part in collective action for sustainable development.

The Clothing Exchange invites people to bring the clothes they value but no longer wear to exchange for those they will. Now if you think the idea of 50 relative strangers coming to swap clothes in the one room is a recipe for chaos, rest assured, the process of the exchange is fair and efficient! The exchange rate is accounted for using buttons. Participants are encouraged to bring approximately 6 garments or accessories to exchange (we accept a maximum of 10) and they are given one button for each item which buys another in return. This way regardless of how many participants are swapping it is always equitable and you always have the right number of garments! We have received feedback asking us to assign different values according to our perceived quality of the garments but this would be subjective and lead participants down a more competitive path. Instead, we put the faith in the hands of participants to bring clothes they value and our role is to monitor the quality. As the objective of The Clothing Exchange is to activate fashion waste, this is the best system of exchange and it has proven to be successful again and again.

There is quality control at each event where we count and peruse the garments on entry and intercept any items that are not swappable. It is important that you bring items you no longer wear and think others will value. You must be detached and happy to see your items adopted by new owners. It is also important you give generously – even if it’s sexy, was expensive or a designer label – if you’re not wearing it, throw it into the mix and have a laugh with the person who happily adopts it.

It is essential that items are clean and presented neatly because that’s good manners! A little press and neat folding is fine.

Mia and I got involved so that we could do out ‘little bit’ to help the environment while meeting new people and having fun.

Others can get involved by checking out the website www.clothingexchange.com.au and come along to events which are listed on the events page or email ‘subscribe’ to perth@clothingexchange.com.au to subscribe to our newsletter and keep up with events and swapping news. Alternatively, we are always on the lookout for volunteers to assist at events – contact Vanessah at perth@clothingexchange for further information.

Cecile Mimeux from Sugar Blue Burlesque

Sugar Blue will be performing at our event spectacular this year...we caught up with Cecile Mimeux...

What inspires you to get out of bed in the mornings?

The prospect of being busy doing the things I love to do, spending time with my family and friends and getting closer to achieving my dreams.

Burlesque. How did you start? How long have you ben performing?
My husband suggested I try burlesque because he thought I'd really like it. My debut performance was in February 2009.

Who are you listening to at the moment?
Brian Setzer Orchestra

Whats your favourite era?
The 1950's. I love the femininity of the era including the clothes and hairstyles.

Where can we see you perform next?
The Speakeasy show produced by Sugar Blue Burlesque at the Fly by Night Club on the 11th September.

Five words to describe yourself:
Elegant, graceful, feminine, cute and charming.

Swing Zing Vintage Market

If you have vintage collectables, clothing, shoes, hats, books, music, accessories etc that relate to the jazz era from the 1920s-1940s, then you may wish to have a stall at the Leedy Hop Live. Once a month you can display and sell your retro gear in a wonderful environment of Lindy Hop dancing and Big Band Jazz! Stall spaces are limited. August already has Ashleigh in Wonderland and Michelle Turner's amazing collection. Book your stall by contacting sophie@swingzing.com. The Leedy Hop Live runs on the last Thursday of the month 7-11pm at the Yugal Club, 288 Oxford Street Leederville. Stall set up is from 5.30pm

Clara Cupcakes from Sugar Blue Burlesque

The girls from Sugar Blue are on board with us Vintage Vixens at our next event in October. We had a chat to Clara over tea...and cupcakes...

What inspires you to get out of bed in the mornings/afternoo
I don't know if "inspired" is the right word but my cats are generally what gets me up in the morning. Gretchen, the bigger one, likes to sit on my bladder and Tabitha pokes me in the face. I wake up pretty quickly with all this happening. They are just as good as an alarm clock (but much cuter).

Burlesque. How did you start? How long have you been performing?

I knew Adora Derriere, the owner of our troupe, for years through lindy hop.

I found out she was starting the troupe, I told her (while slightly tipsy at a party) that I was going to learn to hula hoop and join the troupe. Well, that's pretty much exactly what I did. I've been performing with Sugar Blue for about 2 years now and haven't looked back. If you had have told me 2 years ago that I would be doing burlesque and hula hooping I would have thought you were crazy!

Who are you listening to at the moment?

I'm listening to a ton of Helen Kane and Flether Henderson. Their music makes me so happy! I'm also really enjoying Janelle Monae's "The ArchAndroid".

Whats your favourite era?

I adore the 20's. It was just such a change in both lifestyle and fashion from the previous era. I can't even imagine how scandalous the young, impetuous flappers must have been to their Victorian parents. I love the music and the fashion, it was so decadent. Unfortunately, I look terrible in a drop waisted dress so I prefer the 40's and 50's for clothing.

Where can we see you perform next?

We have the Martini Club happening at DeVilles on the 22nd of August and then we have our next big show "The Speakeasy" on the 11th of September at the Fly by Night. I'm so excited about this one! It's going to be fabulous.

Five words to describe yourself:
Kooky cupcake lovin' cat lady!

Let us entertain you!

Well its all coming together vintage lovers and the line up is getting more exciting everyday! Be prepared for an amazing day...let us entertain you!

Sugar Blue Burlesque
Swing Zing
vintage tunes by DJ Jarred Marshall
30+ vintage stalls

For more information please email us at vintagevixengirls@gmail.com