Hello Everyone:)

How was your weekend? Do anything fun?

First let me start out by thanking each and every one of you who left such sweet comments and e-mails about being featured in the two best E-Magazines. Everyone of them made me smile. You don't know how much you all mean to me:)

Now, do you need some Spring inspiration? Well, we went to the Hartford Flower Show this weekend and I brought some inspiration back for you.

This was the first booth we went to. These dealers specialize in African Violets and had so many beauties to choose from. Some of these babies came home with me;) I pot them up in vintage McCoy flower pots.

 Just look at those gorgeous ruffly flowers.
 This show really never has many displays. I don't know why but this one was pretty with the waterfall and pond. It must be so much work to set these up.
 This dealer had some beautiful Begonias for sale.
 Don't you just love this arbor and statue? I could picture us relaxing under it on a warm evening with a cup of tea. (I don't drink;) But I am sure wine would be great too.
 I really like the size of this pond with waterfall. It was a temporary home to some pretty Koi. I think I will build yet another pond this year.
 Stone fountains have always been a favorite of mine. This one is really nice.
 I love succulents! I have them in the house and in the yard. These handmade pots were really great.
                           Look at how gorgeous this is!!!
                More displays of succulents.

 This booth had it all including topiaries. Very pretty.
 Delicious smelling handmade soaps. So many too choose from.
 OK, don't you just love the middle boots? They were so me:)
           Ladies, you know you need a'thong shovel'. lololol
 Hundreds of gorgeous Prim Roses. I didn't buy them because I just don't have any luck with them. Do you? Well, I know one person who does. Carole from Maynards Greenhouse:) Hey Carole:)

Does it get any more beautiful that a huge display of Orchids???? And they were only $15.00. Why oh why didn't I buy one?

Well, there you have it. Hope this put a little Spring in your day.

~Till next time....
~Debra xxx


Hi Everyone:)

Can you believe it? Can a girl get any luckier??? I am FEATURED AGAIN by the very popular CINDY OF WHIMSICAL MUSINGS MAGAZINE !!!!!

About a month ago Cindy contacted me about doing a feature on my blog. I was so surprised but it only took me about half of a second to say "Yes, what do I need to do"? lol

 You know, when you first meet someone either in person or through blogging you just know that 'this person is really special'? Well that is how I felt about Cindy during our correspondence and through her site. People who visit her just love her and I know why. She is genuine and sweet besides being an awesome artist and writer. I am honored once again to be featured in an on-line magazine. It is soooo much fun. And I am in great company too. She has featured  other artists that you all may know. They have mad skills when it comes to art and decorating. So I say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, CINDY. You are as sweet as they come:)

Now check out her magazine to see who else is featured. And if you would like to be featured just let her know. You will just love her:)

'Till next time...
~Debra XXX







The dress that Ash is wearing is called 'Sass', we are selling it on either/ :)
Go check it out lovers xoxo


What an exciting morning!!! As I have mentioned in my  last post, I am featured in the all new THE VINTAGE INSPIRED HOME on - line magazine.
MELINDA did such an amazing job. I can not THANK her enough for allowing me to be her first feature.


The way she put the magazine together is so beautifully done. So professional, as if she has been doing this for years. So run over there right this minute and see for yourself and share in the excitement with us.

THANK YOU so much MELINDA for this fabulous opportunity. Wishing you continued success with your new adventure. Big hugs!!!
~Debra xxx


Hello Everyone:)

Have you heard that MELINDA of THE VINTAGE INSPIRED HOME will debut her BRAND SPANKIN' NEW ON-LINE MAGAZINE for the first time this FRIDAY???? Well, if that isn't EXCITING enough....guess who will be joining her by being the first featured???? YES, you guessed it, LITTLE 'OLE ME!!!!!!! And it is also going to touch onMAISONSTGERMAIN.COM an on- line boutique that my daughter NICOLE and I own. I can hardly contain myself. Can you believe it? Some one pinch me:)

We emailed back and forth last week and let me tell you, she is just the sweetest ever:) It was so much fun to experience. THANK YOU SO MUCH MELINDA!!!!!!! I can't wait to see what you have put together. I know that this new adventure of yours is going to be a FABULOUS SUCCESS! So everyone, CHECK OUT HER SITE AND SHOW HER SOME LOVE on FRIDAY:) (and every day).

       I collect little whisk brooms.
 They come is all sizes. Some have great ornate handles.
                           Some of them are well worn to perfection.

I am joining Kathleen from FADED CHARM for WHITE WEDNESDAY. Please check her site out for some gorgeous Whites today. Her blog is always great!

`Till next time.....
~Debra XXX

I'm not done yet. I still have MORE exciting news to share with you;)


Every Tuesday is Bloggers' Bodega
and everyone is WELCOME!!!!
If you are new to our little Tuesday get together, Welcome! Tuesdays are dedicated to you the shop keeper with an Etsy, on line shop or on line boutique like ours MAISONSTGERMAIN.COM. Also it is dedicated to you the shopper as these are some of the best shops on -line. Here you will find the most unique things. So, grab a cup of tea and relax while clicking on our many different friend's shops. ENJOY:) All we ask is that you grab out button and post it on your blog that you have joined. The more people that know about all of us the better it is for everyone. And since this is world wide this is even more exciting:)


Our Etsy shop is featured this week. (See side bar to go to it.) This is a 'brand new' old stock purple head piece. It is in perfect condition. Isn't it beautiful?

 For all of you Bohemian Ladies out there, this is a fabulous belt buckle. Not really sure how this one wound up on Etsy and not in my own possesion except that Nicole probably took it before I got to it. Partners.......;)I may have to buy it myself.
This dress... This dress is so beautiful. We bought it from an estate sale and everyone who saw me walking around with it wanted it. Check it out on our Etsy to find out the details and to see more pictures.

Thank you everyone who has been joining our little get together. Those of you who want to join just grab the code below :)

Have fun!!!!
'Till next time........
~Debra XXX

I have some VERY EXCITING NEWS to share with you in a couple of days!!!!!!!!


.......well it is here in our home. Oh, yes, it may still snow outside but I had to put my foot down and announce to the universe that : Yes, the snow was lovely the first, 5th and 10th time. No, we didn't appreciate all of the ice and extra bitter cooooold weather. Falling in front of my granddaughter will forever be embedded in her memory. Nicole laughing at me when I fell will always be embedded in my memory. And we have now boycotted Winter:)

I am Springing up the house. Don brought these flowers home to me:)
Aren't they beautiful? He said today that when he looks at them they make him happy. Isn't that the sweetest thing?
The colors just scream SPRING IS HERE!!!
I have fluffed all of the pretty pillows and stacked some reading material on my favorite chair.  Keep the garden catalogs coming:)
Bulbs are blooming and filling the room with their beautiful perfume:)
Vintage and new flower pots are waiting to be filled with some new greens.
Our pond in the solarium is waiting for me to put some live greens in it for the Koi to eat.
We are waiting for the birds to start building nests again so that we can watch the little ones grow.

Is it Spring in your home yet?

'Till next time....
~Debra XXX
Hello Everyone:)
Thank you to the Fabulous 50 who have joined so far!!! We are having a 25% discount off your entire order at Maison St. Germain. Just enter coupon code BB25.

I believe this is our 4th and so far so good. Join us if you haven't already:)
If you are new to our little Tuesday get together, Welcome! Tuesdays are dedicated to you the shop keeper with an Etsy, on line shop or on line boutique like ours MAISONSTGERMAIN.COM. Also it is dedicated to you the shopper as these are some of the best shops on -line. Here you will find the most unique things. So, grab a cup of tea and relax while clicking on our many different friend's shops. ENJOY:)

We use dress forms like this to hold our pins and necklaces. So much fun to decorated for the holidays too and they don't take up the space that the large standing ones do. You can stand this on a table or cabinet.

Do you have a special occasion coming up or do you just collect vintage purses? Here is a pretty one. Gold beaded purse. So pretty.
 How adorable is this little beaded child's change purse:)
 1920 Beaded purse. Really a beauty with handle connected in back to hold.

Gold frame. Would look great any where. I have a similar one in my kitchen over my sink,
These can all be found at MAISONSTGERMAIN.COM.


           I hope your Valentines day is as beautiful as you are and that you can spend it with the ones you LOVE.

~Debra XXX

Somewhere in between


When I edit, I now become so consumed that I forget loves, wants, pain and shit. Now I look at the finished product, better than I imagined, and loves, wants, pain and shit come trollin' right back at me.

Next door sleeper


My grandma was more than just a name, or a helper for my mum. She bought me ice creams when my mum told me not to, she was the one that developed my sense of fashion, she helped me grow independent but whilst valuing family and culture. There's so much of her in me and I miss her old soul more than anyone can understand.

White Wednesday

Happy White Wednesday
I look forward to White Wednesday every week,.don't you? Whether I join or just go from blog to blog to  see your beautiful whites, it is always a fun day:)

I love this pearl necklace. Pearls are so romantic to me.
This bust is in our bathroom. One morning I woke up to see that she had glasses on;)
That husband of mine, messin' with my decorating:)
This is an old dresser that I found at a barn sale. I painted it white and put it in our guest bedroom.
Vintage in the hallway.
More pearls in the bedroom. Have I told you how much  I love pearls? I have them in so many colors. They look best layered. They go with everything and they always make me smile:)

Hope you have enjoyed my whites today. Stop over to Kathleen's blog: Faded*Charm for more whites. I am on my way over there now to see what you have posted today:)

'Till next time.....
~Debra XXX