I took photos of Bernardine and her three piece band for her tonight :) 
I like this one the best, it's a bit rusty at the moment (edited it in like 10 minutes) but I'm having trouble how to portray them as. I mean the techniques and colours used in photos compose so much meaning in itself regardless of the subjects. and Berna said they're just a normal band. 
Whaaat? I guess it would help if I had been to any of her many gigs... haha. 

A Dilemma on Mani-Pedi

Painting my nails beautifully can be very addictive and not to mention expensive. Along with spa, my almost weekly manicure-pedicure session is one way that I relax myself especially if I go to high-end nail salons. I feel pampered with soft couch, comfortable pillows, and dedicated manicurist.

My addiction was heightened by the emergence (or at least my discovery) of high-end nail lacquer brands (see my choice of word, not nail polish. Lol!). I developed that sense of dependency to my well groomed and nicely painted nails just as how I feel powerful when I am in my sky-high heels. It is also a good conversation starter especially if you are with ladies who are on your same league of interests.

But, I do face the fact that it is becoming more and more expensive for me. I have two options that I alternately go to. One is going to these high end nail salons like CANS or Posh Nails, and the other is to grow my collection of the most sought-after brands. This is for the objective of at least slashing my expenses but still getting good nails. However, the question still remain, did I really get to save? This is the dilemma that I am facing now.

Going to the likes of CANS almost weekly would at least let me shed 500 php a week. Summing it up for a year, I know it is not practical. Then I ask myself, why do I go there in the first place? It is because of the ambiance, the feeling of being pampered, the thought of having a dedicated manicurist all by yourself, and of course the wide array of choices for nail lacquers. The last reason led me to my next alternative – buy and grow my own collection of these high end polishes.

I admit I adore O.P.I., China Glaze, and Orly brands. They just got the best shades, long staying power, and the overall “it” girl effect. Armed with a good accessory that goes with it, it makes your hand do the talking. They are good, if not the best ones. And the best ones normally equate themselves to be the most expensive in their herd. I’ve got some of them in my hands, along with the “lower” range brands like The Faceshop, Elianto, and Cutex. Upon calculating my expenses, I found out that well, I still get to spend like 500 php because of the purchase (if I buy the first three brands I mentioned). Others may argue that I could still use them repeatedly but hey, I am addicted to nail painting, remember? :p In simpler note, I don’t get to use a particular shade for more than three times. After all, it is the joy of getting your nails done – seeing different shades sitting on them!

On the mid-range polish, I am dissatisfied with the results which I will detail on my next blogs.

I could revert back to my old way of mani-pedi. Go to a not-so-sophisticated salon, get my nails done with a low-end nail polish brand. But, but… I love the nail lacquers! Agh, dilemma!

How about you? What are your related concerns? :D

On Sunday, I volunteered my help for the Vintage, Vixens and Vamps Fair III
and was the roving photographer for the day. 
An annual event, held at the town hall in Freo, that allows vintage lovers from all 
over Perth to congregate and feast upon the various treasures and threads that have been 
kept from the past. I had such a wonderful time with Vanessa and then once she had to 
leave I wondered about- met some new people, went through all the racks viciously and 
got some awesome buys! :} :}

Here are a selection of photos I got; 









^^ This is most definitely my most favourite shot that I got from Sunday. ^^
The colours, vivacity, and sheer extreme vintage joy!!


Majority of the day was so crowded that it was physically impossible to take full length 
shots of the nice outfits people had put together, plus the lighting was just so hard to work with 
(as can been seen in the above photos). So I just tried my hardest to make the shots work out as best as possible whilst being squished and rushing before someone walked infront of the camera. 
It wasn't all too bad, and a good day indeed :)

Dee also gave me a bottle of wine for helping out. Yay! A worthy deal ;) x 


Saturday June 18 Gus' Pub.
Tongan Death Grip
Napalm Raid
The Virals.

Purederm BB Cream

I feel naked without a BB cream on my face. Since I started using this a year ago, I already treat this as my holy grail. It is just so magical that I instantly feel flawless after application. I started out with Maybelline, then Skin Food (which I fail to blog), Pure Beauty (which i mistakenly got for Purederm and for me is not worth blogging as it doesn't do justice to my face), and the latest, the real Purederm which I dedicate this piece.

Purederm is a korean brand - the home of the best BB creams for me. It claims a 3 in 1 product with SPF, glittering effect, and skin conditioning.

One thing that is unique about Purederm compared to other products I've tried is the glittering effect in which I am torn between liking and rendering my thumbs down. Good thing the glitters are too "microscopic" making it wearable during the day. On the other note, I also like the glitters as it provides a "glowing" aura provided you don't put too much.

The brightening effect is also impressive considering that you only put a pea-shaped size all over your face and neck. I am a lame and lazy shopper when it comes to looking into the right variant for me, that is why I feel a baggage has been unloaded onto my shoulders when I purchase products with only one variant. Purederm is like Maybelline - both have one shade for all skin types. :D

As to the price, Maybelline is cheaper at 245 php, Skin Food is more expensive at about 1000 bucks (I think) but you can get them through Ebay Korean sellers at 400 only plus the hassle, and Purederm is at the middle price of the two at 645 php. Purederm's price is already a decent one considering the positive effect gives to my face.

Overall, Purederm is a wise buy. It is an essential go-to product at any circumstances that you are into - busy, on the go, has more time to doll up, etc.

How about you? What is your preferred BB cream brand?

but the demo will be soon!




Belle, WREN magazine Editor in Chief
Met up with Belle for milkshakes, magazine talk and some profile shots :)
So excited for the magazine to be published and everything!



Met two amazing artists yesterday for the "Featured" section of WREN magazine. Anne Barnetson invited me over to her lovely abode in Maylands where I met her tubby cat Lady Chatsworth and talked about charming authors for her to paint. You can see two of her pieces at the top there; the one on the left is John Steinbeck and right is Roald Dahl.


I also met my old friend Jesse from high school :) We went to The Bird to shoot her artwork and her pretty face. Her pastings were sadly ripping apart in Northbridge so she had to transfer to canvas. These photos and more will be seen in WREN very, very soon!

What the Butler Saw

Just what did the butler see? Lots of divine clothing that's what.
So come on be naughty...take a peek and indulge your vintage passion.

Marina has been selling vintage for over 15 years, in fact if you've ever visited "Tumbleweed" in Armadale or a market around Perth you've probably met her.
Notoriously slow at adopting "new" technology - like having a phone in her shop, she prefers to devote her time to finding lovely things and .....ironing.
But now she's created a new facebook page.
So please have a sneak peek at "What the Butler Saw" coz it's sad having 0 friends


Hello Everyone:)
Is everyone as aggravated with blogger and google as much as I am today:( I can't leave messages on some blogs and it only let me download 3 photos. No bueno!
So we will have to make the best of what we have, right?

I am joining LISA OF: http://serendipitychicdesign.blogspot.com FOR 'MEET ME ON MONDAY' A THEME PARTY!!!This weeks party is 'signs'. I had so many great ones to show you but.......

This fabulous COUNTRY COTTAGE sign is from Lisa herself. If you don't know how talented she is check out her etsy. I just love her style and the colors she uses. This is one of my many favorites that I have bought from her. You really need to check her out:)

                       Why not a pretty Laundry sign in the laundry room?
I love advertising. When it is on something else I can use like this great shelf, it makes it even more special.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my 3 sign photos today. You know how I love to post lots of photos, so this just leaves me feeling empty;) Hopefully blogger will get their act together soon or I will have to switch to someone else. I'll bet I'm not the only one thinking that.

Hope you all have a beautiful weekend:)

'Till next time.................
~Debra xxx

Yet Another Ellana Make-up Raid

You will always go back to products that gave you great and positive results. These brands will carve their names on your go-to list, sans the countless choices you have in the market. Ellana make ups made it on my top list. Their products are simply worth your money and definitely something that your face would really befriend. So it is not surprising that one Friday night, I stormed their little space in SM Makati to buy my sweet love foundation. I raved about this product here.

I thought I was only hunting my hazelnut latte foundation when, as usual, I ended up buying some more stuff! Here's what I get with a brief and concise review:

Smile Concealer. This is my first time to purchase a concealer since I am not a huge user of this one. Luckily, I don't suffer the zombie-like effect of eyebags so concealer does not really play an important role in my beauty routine. BUT, I do have this annoying zits in my face which could be a result of my alternating facial wash (which I should stop!) and spotting a concealer at their stall made me decide to try them. This made me happier because I could now use my long forgotten concealer brush. Zits now concealed!

Another purchase was the High Definition (HD) Primer in White Chocolate. This one they claim to blend with all skin types. The finest texture and white color give an impression that it was made from the highest quality. This is best for a finishing touch, as pointed out by the attending sales lady. But I do use this as a primer just as what the name suggests and at the same time a finishing powder. This primer combined with the foundation above deliver a very good result but beware when you use BB cream as your first step. I once did a BB cream, HD primer, foundation, and another round of DH primer and the result was a too white face! I might have applied too much BB cream, or maybe too much primer, or both. But one thing is for sure, it was a bad idea!
I felt bad though that they do not sell individual foundation and eyeshadow brushes to replenish my brush kit from their brand but nevertheless, this Ellana magazine slash cheat sheet made me feel better again. I tell you, it is something that you have to have at hand when you want to make your make up done the right way. How to apply blushes for round face? heart-shaped? small face? They do have an answer!!!


Hello Everyone:)

                                The winner of our purse is: drumroll please............................

BARBARA OF MOORE (GOURD WHIMSIES)!!!!!!! Congratulations Barbara and thank you to everyone for playing along. We are going to have more give aways so keep in touch. You can be our next winner:)


Here is where you will find fabulous shops that your fellow Bloggers own every Tuesday!!! Everyone can visit and anyone can link up. Advertisement is FREE! Why is it FREE you may ask? Well, we know what owning an on- line boutique and etsy is all about. All the work and creativity that goes into it all. We wanted to be a place where you get a break from expensive advertising and just do it for FREE. No catches or jumping through hoops. We won't even ask for your first born;) All we ask is that you grab the link and/ or button and put it on your blog. This is a great way for your online boutiques, etsy shops, ebay, Bonanza etc. to find the cream of the crop shoppers. For more information, please click Happy Shopping!!!

'Till next time.....
~Debra XXX and Nicole

You can see more of our pretty purses on our etsy;)


Happy Monday to you:)

Sending you all a special bouquet.  I bought these from 'My Favorite Flower Guys' at the Flea Market Sunday. Aren't they gorgeous!!!!!!! I will share with you the other treasures I came home with, during the week.
Hope you are having a beautiful Monday.

`Till next time..................
~Debra XXX

Frances Noe

I will be selling a collection of mens and womens, vintage and retro, clothing,shoes and accessories. As well as my handmade hair bows that are made from vintage and recycled fabric. They look lovely as part of a vintage outfit and because they're handmade no two are the same. Because they're made from recycled fabrics and attatched to labels made from recycled card they're environmentally friendly as well!

E.L.F. Products Purchases

E.L.F. products come in handy for me when it comes to lazy day for make-ups. Recently, I bought two stuff from the brand: the foundation and masscara.

I resorted to their foundation when I left my VMV back in Bacolod and I was waiting for Ellana stalls in SM Makati on weekend. In short, E.L.F. was my alternative to get through the week. Why this brand? It was not too cheap nor too expensive. It is priced at less than 200 bucks - not too bad for a little round of foundation. The sales lady suggested that I get the apricot variant and I was happy I trusted her pick. The foundation blends well with my other new love BB cream (which I will blog soon). It comes in very handy as well making it easier for me to tuck it in on my over crowded kikay kit.

My next purchase was their two sided masscara which is priced below 200 php as well. Of all the make up essentials, it is the masscara that I really don't spend too much because I can't see the difference for each brand. I lived with Nichido and EB masscara brands and I was happy that never in a single moment when they ruin my total look. I am good with any brands for this eye-flattering beauty essential. What made me try out E.L.F. was the fact that it is a two-sided masscara, with one end as regular and the other as waterproof. i thought this is more practical and again, space-saving on my kit. Same as my previous brands, it worked well for me and flattered my long and curled eyelashes. Yes, it helps boost my asset! :D

One thing was proven. Not all cheap brands suck! :)


Annie & Ashleigh survived a natural disaster down at Trigg Beach

Human Nature's Orange and Elemi Facial Wash and Toner

In this piece, I will share my thoughts on my new facial wash and toner tandem from Human Nature. I am a self-confessed fan of this brand. There may be a lot of sprouting organic labels in the market but my heart shouts HN as my first love. Though I love how my face behaves now, I seek adventure at the moment and managed to break in into my usual facial wash and put these products in my facial care routine.

First day of use yielded a bad result! I had break outs with at least five zits sitting on my face when I woke up. Monthly red flag is not yet at the doorsteps so I don’t charge the crime to my unwanted guest. It must be these products since they are the foreign substances that landed on my face recently. It was not a total fiasco though. I had it on my second day still and I was glad that they redeemed themselves. I woke up to a clear face, zits disappearing and not too red, and oil got filtered. I love how it controls the greasiness of my face. Sans this good result, I will still have the next days as my trial period before I can totally say that these products do good to me. J

So why did I give it another shot after those zits? It is my curiosity with the ingredients particularly the elimi that made me pour them onto my hands and cotton balls. Elemi. Wikipedia says it is a tree native to our own land with too many uses. Of course, one of which is for the skin. I do love the “scrubbing” effect as well, making my St. Ives facial scrub useless as of these times. I love the subtle cleansing it gives as opposed to a commonly rugged and rough texture of the exfoliants and scrubs. I smell is pleasing to the nose as well. It is a unique smell that I can only attribute to the these particular products.  But subtle as it may seem , I am worried as to scrubbing my face twice a day. I think it is not a friendly choice.

It is for the scrubbing reason that I alternately use this product with Ilog Maria facial wash. It gets to be my "balancing" factor as this is so mild that I don't think it will do any harm to my face.  :)


BRAIN FEVER from Calgary http://www.myspace.com/brainfevercalgary
with locals:
QUIVERS - http://quivers.bandcamp.com/
WORD ON THE STREET - http://wordonthestreet.bandcamp.com/
VIXENS playing our first real show! FOR THE LOVE OF PIZZA!!!!!

facefuck event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=131479836926644


Hello Everyone:)
Today I am joining Lisa from http://serendipitychicdesign.blogspot.com/. Have you been over to her blog? What a busy and inspirational lady:)  She is forever posting before and after pieces. She has so much talent! I am one of her biggest fans:)We met about a month ago when she was selling her wares at the flea market, and we hit it off right away. I used to buy from her before I even knew her. We live only about 20 minutes from each other! What a small world.  I'm am so glad we met and she is coming over next week.
Every week she is going to have 'MEET ME ON MONDAY'. where we share the theme of the week. This week it is vintage or hand crafted lighting. I thought I would share some of the lighting I have made for the barn:)
I have been creating chandeliers for a few years now and really enjoy it:) One can never have too many chandeliers, right? This one I made and added some cross charms to it. It is one of my favorites. Right now it is hanging in my kitchen just waiting to be hooked up;).........

This one is a smaller one. The crystals are solid milky white. I really like the look.

This little number was fun to create. Lots of clear, golds and umber colors make it glow at night.

This chandelier is draped in clear and green colors. I wish the photos came out better. It looks so pretty lit at night mingled in with all of my plants:)

I also like to create lamp shades. I look for shades with different shapes,(not this one) then recover them in vintage lace. I just love how the light looks shining through.

Check out Lisa's blog for more lighting ideas along with lots of inspiration. You will soon become a follower.
Have a beautiful weekend:)

`Till next time........
~Debra xxx


If I could live off these for the rest of my life, I would.


Hello Everyone:)

As promised, ANOTHER give away!!!! This week MAISONSTGERMAIN.COM is giving away one of our purses for BLOGGERS' BODEGA.

Our purses are  made with vintage and antique trimmings. We LOVE making them. Everyone is totally different from the next. No one will have the same purse as you which makes them very special. We sell them on Etsy.

ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS LEAVE A COMMENT! THAT'S IT. Well, it would be nice if you mentioned it on your blog too but you don't have too;) We will pick a winner next Tuesday. GOOD LUCK!!!               
                                BLOGGERS' BODEGA
Here is where you will find fabulous  shops that your fellow Bloggers own every Tuesday!!! Everyone can visit and anyone can link up. Advertisement is FREE! Why is it FREE you may ask? Well, we know what owning an on- line boutique and etsy is all about. All the work and creativity that goes into it all. We wanted to be a place where you get a break from expensive advertising and just do it for FREE. No catches or jumping through hoops. We won't even ask for your first born;) All we ask is that you grab the link and/ or button and put it on your blog. This is a great way for your online boutiques, etsy shops, ebay, Bonanza etc. to find the cream of the crop shoppers. For more information, please click THE BLOGGERS' BODEGA BUTTON..

Happy Shopping!!!

'Till next time.......
~Debra xxx and Nicole

Kiwi Smiling Feet

Ok. Here I go again. The blogger in me was on temporary leave for the past month. Good thing I don’t treat this tiny interest as a source of credit to my bank account. In this way, I don’t owe anyone a shitty piece just because I need to create one. So…. let’s hit it on while I am in the mood to scribble! I’ve shopped for loads of stuff in my frequent “walking exercise” to the malls and today, I am sharing my thoughts on Kiwi Smiling Feet.

I love shoes - pumps specifically. I am an absolute believer that shoes either make or break an outfit. That explains why I have at least 15 pairs of office shoes. I love the art of power dressing with shoes as my strongest allies. But slipping my feet almost everyday with these close and sky rocketing heels hurts not just my lower legs but most importantly, my feet. Fashion over comfort - that's how women behave. I wear them, but secretly in my workplace I wear them off or if I need to do a long walking I turn my loyalty to my fitflops. I know how unflattering it is but what can I do, I always reach the surrendering point!

Tonight, while tearing my time at Watson's, I found something which I thought could help me with my problem. I want to wear my pumps all day without suffering the intense pain. This was in the pack of Kiwi Smiling Feet. I was actually torn between Kiwi and Watson brand because the former is priced at 260 php while the latter landed only at a price of 90 bucks. But in the end, I opted for Kiwi. Why? It is because it is thinner and softer - two things that I think are a must for a foot cushion. And yeah, I think Watson branded products fall under mediocrity.

I can't help but tried it on the moment I reach my place. I stand in my pumps with foot cushion on it while talking on the phone for at least 10 minutes. It was a good ól 10 minutes! My feet felt like lying on a comforter. It is not an awkward feeling too as as mentioned, it is thin enough to suit my pumps. I guess I found a friend in this gels!

Now, I can't wait to go to the office tomorrow and fully test the performance of my new discovery!