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Had a spontaneous road trip with Ashleigh yesterday afternoon, driving along a long country road at high speeds was not ideal, especially when finding signs leading to cute Chapels/ vines/ cafes & having to do a hundred + 1 u-turns.

in the coast this week...

Mark Black wrote an article on Halifax punk and crust bands taking it on the road and he was kind enough to include us.

childish uniformity. 
collarbones and tiny dogs. 
suburban dreams and slow afternoons. 
milk and ice-cream. 



Hello Everyone:)

                          I am truly blessed.
 I have so many things to be thankful for in my life:) And I wanted YOU to all to know  that YOU are one of them. You have no idea how much I enjoy chatting with you all. I am so happy that I have found you and that you have found me. My life is so much more complete with you in it. Something I never even dreamed could happen. Some of you I know personally,some through emails and then others through your sweet comments.

So thank you for being such an important, inspirational part of my life. I am grateful for each and every one of you.

'Till next time..............
~Debra xxx

Thank you to all who helped me to find the dress I last posted about. I haven't found that one but have found some that on the top of my list to check out. I knew I could count on you:) xxx

Itchin' To Play R4$

In class daydreaming of once again playing Rockin' 4 Dollar$ come semesters end. Maybe we'll win more snack foods or get to spit beer on Adrian again?! Either way school will finally be over and VIXENS will be cuttin' loose. REAL LOOSE!



Hope your weekend is a fabulous one.

My Son and his Fiance are getting married on a beach next year.  Since we don't have to be too dressed up I thought I would like to wear this dress or something very similar to it. I think it is so gorgeous. It is not form fitting and the sleeves and bottom are just perfect for me. I think it is dressy but not overly dressy since it will be  casual.

Does anyone know where I can find it or one like it????? If anyone would know, I just know that  bloggers would. (You are just the savviest and  the most resourceful)

Thank you in advance:)

'Till next time.......................
~Debra xxx

Happy Hands and Feet at Let's Face It

Let's Face It is probably the most familiar beauty center to me. But the fact is, I haven't really spent a minute to any of its branch simply because what sticks into my mind is that Let's Face It is equivalent to painful facial services. However, there will always be a first time for everything, and last Wednesday, my feet strolled the road leading to LFI's Makati Cinema Square branch, not for a facial but for a manicure and pedicure session!

Interior-wise, I love the dimmed concept the place. They are trying to keep the noise at a very minimum level which makes your stay a pleasant one. Anyway, there mani-pedi service is nothing much of a difference to any salon services BUT what makes it very significant to me is that I've found my official "nail carer"! You might ask, why? Ok. So I am this type who wants my dead skin on the side of my toenails be really digged up up to the lowest level. I am a masochist when it comes to my nail care regimen. :p I have been to a lot of nail salons and I always end up either frustrated because I know my nails are not the fully cleaned (meaning dead skins were not fully taken out) or going home with a murdered toe. But not this time with Chai, my nail carer. She got the lightest hands and the sharpest hand and eye coordination that made the entire session so woundless and dead skin fully removed! I was so satisfied everytime she hits my nails with proper might and right timing. My feet literally felt lighter after it has been cleaned!

Another good news for me is that they have the likes of Orly and Essie nail lacquers for an additional Php 20 fee. Better than Enza who charges it at Php 40 and CANS at Php 30 (I think). They doesn't have a widest array of nail lacquers but dwecednt enough to choose your color/s for the day. Not bad. They also use Essie's Fill the Gap as a base coat and Orly's Sec 'n Dry as the top coat.

I chose Lady Like (pale pink) for my hands and Case Study (mocha brown) for my feet. After three days though, my right thumbnail already has a chipped nail polish on the sides. :(

Here are the swatches upon applied onto my nails. The photo does not display the true color of the lady pink as it appears to be like brownish when actually it is a lightest pink. While the ones in my toes are true to its color.

1/2 clean

Verdict: I am coming back to Chai again! Considering that the service fees (starts at Php 130 for the pedicure and Php 120 for the manicure) are quite reasonable for a labeled salon and the superb performance of my nail carer, it really is worth coming back!!! Good job, Chai!


During the Summer,our friend  Lisa introduced us to a lovely shop owner, Liliana Kleid. She is the owner of SERENDIPITY in Litchfield, CT.
 Lisa sells her beautiful hand painted furniture and her 'must have' signs there. She thought that Liliana's shop would be a perfect match for our pieces. Nicole and I were so excited!!!
We said "YES we are definitely interested". We met Liliana:) She is not only gorgeous but the sweetest person ever to do business with. And WOW what an artist she is!!!!She can do it all, paint, design jewelry, crochet.........Every time we stop in she is creating something else beautiful. Truly an inspiring woman.
We were there today dropping off our handmade Christmas ornaments and wreaths. I finally remembered to bring my camera to take some pictures to share with you.

I wanted to give you a tour of her shop and show you what she carries. 99% of her things are handmade in the USA.
                           These are some of the hats that Liliana crochets. All different, all beautiful.
                                     SERENDIPITY is packed with fabulous hand made items.
                                 We brought in this little child's table and chair set. Love the colors.
          I love how she uses branches to hang display her things. 
                                This is one of Liliana's paintings.  See I told you she was an artist!

                 Cape Cod sign by LISA and handmade jewelry.
                                                      More pieces from LISA. She uses the best colors in her work, don't you think?
               Liliana features several painters. Aren't these fun?

            We just brought this little stool in today. Love that desk!

                         These belts are really great! So many choices.
   These are our belts. I love how Liliana sells different styles.  Something for every personality.
                         Love this color blue. More of Lisa's specialty hand painted furniture.
       This is Lisa's too. Tell me what little child wouldn't enjoy coloring at this little desk and chair?

If you are ever in CT you really have to check out this fabulous little shop. It is a fun place to shop and there is always something new.
I hope you have enjoyed this little tour:)


'Till next time...........

~Debra XXX

Wave 4 Teaser!

Ok. So my addiction to shoes is getting worse and worse. Cap it off with my friends' request to post more photos of cute shoes of different styles, here I am doing another round of shoe hoarding. I've browsed a literally a gamut of shoes and the pairs below are the "finalists" that made it through my "taste buds". You want proof? My former boss (who is by the way a really BIG boss) went gaga over all these selections and without question, she immediately asked me to get her two pairs! So yes to beautiful shoes!

So, can you guess what did my boss picked? How about mine? Do you want to join the shoe craze? =)

More importantly, scroll down for a very important question I have that needs your answer!!!

... Are you size 7? :) Virtually raise your hand!


Then please comment or email me at Thanks muchie!