Tony Moly Nail Polish

One of my tiny purchases last night in SM Makati make up area is this Tony Moly nail polish in gray. Ok, I can't say this is strictly gray but more of a bluish gray shade. I chose the shade primarily because of the weather now which is occasionally gloomy. I realized then after I apply it that this goes well with my Coach bag. Perfect coincidence. I like it!

So how do I rate TM's polish? At a price of Php 98, I could say that this one is a good buy! My first criteria to say that a nail polish is a good one is that when I apply it, I could instantly feel that it marries with your nails and not just merely sitting on them. you know what I mean, there is that connection between your nails and your polish. I tried putting them on without any base or top coat and the end result is pretty commendable. And yes, it dries fast!

I was too excited to wear them that right after I got home, I started painting my nails. So in the run down of the photos below, please bear with the ungroomed nails that I have and of course, the imperfect application of the polish! I do intend to flood this post with so much photos so expect to have at least four simultaneous pictures after the jump! :D

Too bad I need to take off my nail polish today as I go to work since only my left hand has it! I don't have the talent to paint my right hand so I have to wait until this weekend to get my nails done in a salon. :)

EDIT: Chapped nail polish after a day of sporting the nail polish. :(

Tony Moly in SM Makati

I might be late but just tonight I found out that Tony Moly finally landed in SM Makati! If I am not mistaken, they occupy the former space of Skin Food. There are lots of interesting stuff there but I managed to control myself as I am well stocked as of the moment. No over-buying of make ups as of the moment for me. My early favorites are their eyeliner, lip scrub, and nail polish!

So if you have time, you may want to head to SM Makati where the one side of the mall is a haven for the ladies - first half is Forever 21 and the other half are makeups!

Happy shopping and let me know what Tony Moly products made it to your purchases!


Hello Everyone:)

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28/06/11 2.18A.M

Mmmm ... rain ...
On another note, I haven't taken anything substantial lately, and I acknowledge that I know I was itching for break to arrive so I could have endless photo taking times.
But as I sit amongst all this time, space and silence, I'm just brooding over everything .. Especially with the rain falling down constantly. At least I'm re-finding all my inspiration and composing all the images to the stories I have playing around in my head.

But for now, I ask you to sit tight with me and listen to this song, as we float aimlessly around in the cold atmosphere

big hugs x

Body Shop Haul

I was in my hometown back in Bacolod last time to visit my folks. As usual, I went on shopping with my cute nieces to buy them their stuff (believe me, they are as kikay as me!). I also had to go to Body Shop to buy mom her supply of body butter. Yes, she absolutely loves this product! Levy and I got her a box of carefully picked Body Shop goodies last Christmas and this spiced vanilla cocoa something body butter was the apple of her eye!

The smell of the variant I got was eeeekkk! I don’t know if it was because it is an old stock or what but it was just so stinky.

I should have gone there for her body butter alone… but not surprisingly, I managed to grab something for myself! :p I was actually carried away by the saleslady’s effective marketing tongue that I conceded to getting their rewards card. They have this some sort of 15 years celebration so instead of getting the card at 300 php, they offered it at 150 bucks with some loots! Matching the price and the loot, I believe I got a wise buy.

Another perk I got was to access their promo during that weekend which is buying your first product at a regular price then get the second at 15 php. Well, I really did not want to spend a lot for it as I do not need them so I only got their soap which is only like 215 php plus another one (which I let my niece Alsace choose her scent) at 15 bucks.

I shelled out like 800 for all the goodies and membership. I think I got a good deal =)

Maybelline Crayon Liner

I’m too stressed at work and I ended up giving in to the itchiness of my system to blog. I wanted to blog since last Thursday but work just eats up most of my time. Boo. Anyway, I attended to some of my toiletry buying yesterday and managed to sneak out this Maybelline Eyestudio Crayon Liner.

I remember that my first ever entry on this blog is about eyeliner. It was Stila’s gel liner which was the first expensive make up I’ve bought. I loved that product until its little brush turned out like a used broom, with the hairs exploding all over. It became too difficult to use and eventually, I forgot about those pots which sitted in my boyfriend’s car for several months. I checked them last time and they were now dried up.

Honestly, I really don’t regard an eyeliner as a must in my make up routine. I find too much effort in applying it and with my daily schedule of almost beating the clock on my way to office, I really don’t have that luxury of time to patiently apply them. But when I look into the pretty faces in magazines, somehow I see that eyeliners give an extra appeal to the eyes. It is something that defines your eyes.

And so when I accidentally saw this Maybelline eyeliner hanging in one of the shelves, I found myself taking a look at it and grabbing them for a price of Php 149! The price is relatively cheap so if I will let it sleep on my kit, it is not much of a wallet damage. =) Aside from the price, the product’s three claims contributed to my decision to buy it. These are: waterproof, smudgeproof, and long lasting - three most important features for an eyeliner!

I applied them today and my initial comments are:
     a. As a pencil liner, I find it too easy to apply because I can control it

     b. It glides smoothly on my lid and the end point is very slim making it very manageable to use
     c. Easy to blend which is very important especially if you put too much of it

I don’t have any negative vibes to this product as of the moment only that I worry that if it became dull and I need to sharpen it, I could not achieve the end point that it has now. Other than this, I think I am good with my new pencil liner!

EDIT: This is quite hard to wash off. I wash my face at least twice when I use this.


here is a list of our various side projects:

Ectoplasm (2 piece ouijacore)
Tuxedo Mare (secretive powerviolence)
Pregnancy Pact (all girl modern joke hardcore)
The Stinks (two in the pink, we are the stinks)

23/06/11 11:37P.M

For a long needed day of frolicking and exploring unknown areas, I hung out with one of my ever so close friend, Ashleigh. I was craving to run away from the inners of my house, and little did I know, that, my body/ mind/ soul was also craving for a day of unadulterated smiles.
We took so, so many photos, and these are a few of the out-takes. There will be more for your eyes to feast on, soon; just need to sort through the masses with Ash on a day not too far away!

P,S, for the story behind the quote by Stephen Chbosky in the first photo, please go onto my other blog.

Lots of loves and kisses x


Someone wrote about us and it is real nice.


We're touring...IN AuGuSt. If anyone knows of any small Ontario/Quebec towns we can go to give US a SHOUT.

PS Tour dates coming soon.

Little Treats for a Tiring Day

I just got home from the office after capping a nine to eight meeting. I'm so drained that I wanna just crawl on my bed, curl inside my blanket, and sleep. But my day is not that tiring at all! I was welcomed by my orders from my Avon lady when I hit my place. Yes, little treats that would enable me to shed off 30 minutes of my bed time and jotting my new purchase in this blog.

Anyhow, I won't keep this long because I just literally drop by my blog and share to you these Avon lippies from their new line - the  moisture seduction lipstick. I will weave a detailed review of them one of these days (if sloth won't kick in!). One worth saying is that it is moisturizing to the lips and the shades are pretty interesting! Here I got Perfect Pink and  Mocha Plum.

mocha plum at the left and the other is perfect pink

As usual, I used my BB camera for the photos so that explains why the color and shades were not justified. Ok ok, I can't wait to wear one of them tomorrow!

Good evening!


Hello Everyone:)

Thank you so much for your really sweet comments you left on my last post. You made a fun experience even better knowing you shared in the excitement with me:) You have no idea how much I appreciate you all!
Today I wanted to give you  a tutorial on how I made two chairs into my style. This is a very easy project to do, you can do it!
I am soooo happy with the results:)

I bought two of these chairs at the flea market this past weekend. They were $15.00 for the two. They had great bones and were already sturdy. It was a gorgeous day out and I couldn't wait to finish work so that I could get started working on them.

 I put down my canvas drop cloth, gathered my brushes and one of my favorite colors of creamy white paint and was ready to get started.
 The paint I had from a previous project. I bought it from ACE Hardware. It is called 'Distant White'.
      I knew I would love it the minute I started to paint:)
 After is was painted and the paint was dry, I took out my favorite tool, my Mouse Sander. I love this sander!!! I wanted a very distressed look on these chairs so I sanded a lot of the paint so the beautiful dark wood would show through.
 After that was done. It was time to cover the seats. I had this wonderful hemp coffee bag with a gorgeous color wide stripe down the middle of it.  I cut the bag open down the sides.
 Then I placed each cushion on it and cut enough fabric around it so that I can staple it to the bottom, cutting off the excess. Fergie was a great help holding the fabric down for me;)
 I folded the fabric to make a seam so that the staples would hold it in place. Staples work best on this kind of fabric. If I had used tacks it would have come apart.  I love how the cushions came out, don't you????
 Here is some detail of the heavy distressed look I gave to them. The carving is so beautiful.
                                                  A little photo shoot.

It was so easy to do and I am really happy with the results. I hope I have inspired you to take on a special project today. I enjoyed the beautiful weather listening to the birds in my garden and creating something I truly love for my kitchen.

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'Till next time....................
~Debra XXX

Demo for Download!


DO IT. We should have tapes by our next show.

ALSO, we are touring Ontario and Quebec Mid-August and looking for shows!

Get at us at

20/06/11 1.18A.M

As I briefly mentioned in this post, I take photos for Ben Riches of Perth Street Fashion when I have spare time and whatnot. I've been doing this since the start of 2011, and its been a while since I've updated.

It really is a great experience, to go up to strangers and ask them to take their photo. As Hannah mentioned on one occasion, when I was hunting with her, it really is the biggest compliment for someone to confront you and say
"Hey you have a really nice outfit, can I take a photo of you?"
Most people let me, only two people have rejected me ever! And the best part of this kind of rejection is that it doesn't hurt at all.

Here's a selection of my most favourite outfits that I have taken in the past half-year;
in Perth CBD, Northbridge, Mt Lawley, North Perth, Leederville.
Haha, basically all the places you would probably see me if I was out and about. Oh and there's two from down south in Bunbury (when I was down there for Groovin' The Moo)

I've actually been thinking of maybe starting my own "street style" type of thing, as you can see in these photos I've edited them in my own way- Ben likes to post them up on FB pretty raw and with his logo. But with my own creative control and time management, I could go in which ever tangent I wanted with the street style Perth has to offer.
Oh well, we'll see! What do you kids think I should do?

Currently listening to:

18/06/11 9.41P.M

I needed a break from studying so I asked my lunch to be a model before I ate him.

I've recently started a 365 project from Photojojo (you take a photo a day)- it's nearly been a week. I'm not sure if I want to show people just as yet, the photos are ones that have been posted up, just because university exams have been slimming down free-time. But as I say that, my last exam is on Tuesday so yay! I have so, so many ideas, all stashed in my moleskine and I (still) don't have a job so yay- time!

But... I'm kinda stumped for models. I hardly know anyone, or know them enough to ask them to pose for me soooooooo I guess its time to step out of my comfort zone. And most of the people I have asked are going interstate/ overseas...


Myra Vita Glow and Etude House Color Me Nude

I’m blogging straight from Puerto Prinsesa! I really admire how clean this city is. Discipline is really in high spirit here. Anyhow, much as I want to leave our office and jump into the tempting waters of Honda Bay, I just can’t. Perhaps tomorrow, we’ll see. So since I am in a very beautiful city, it is just right to talk about beauty. I know, I know this is a beauty blog. LOL.

I've had a quick stop at SM Makati before I flew here last Friday and I've got some goodies which I really don't need but was just curious to try them. These are the Myra Vita Glow (P135) and Etude House Color Me Nude Lip Concealer (P228).

Myra Vita Glow is interesting in such a way that a moisturizer and a make up base were married in this tube. Perhaps, this is the first product I have encountered which has these duo. This comes in two variants (which by the way demanded my time to choose) - the Ivory and Beige. I took the ivory after an unfounded comparison. Gut feeling. Based on its texture, I would say that it is more of a make up base than a moisturizer so for me, it is more appropriate to use it by day and not as an evening ritual as it would really be awkward to sleep with a make up base on your face.
Like the Purederm BB cream, it also has some glitters but they are more "microscopic" than Purederm. You would only notice it if you drive your face closest to the mirror. Working like my BB cream, it helps me even out my face provided I really put in just right amount. It works well with my Ellana foundation. Its price and availability are also the things that make this product a winner!

Lip concealer? Why not! Interesting, right? I first saw this product in a magazine and got curious about it. This product is something that a typical woman would not really need as I think there is not much to even out in your lips except maybe if you are a fan of cigarette smoking. At first, I find it hard to use because it does make your lips look so awfully pale and there are some traces of my dry lips when I apply it. I found it useless until I went back to basic which is to use lip balm first before any other else. Combining both gives a somewhat natural lip color (as the lip concealer has its own subtle shade as well). But best of all, I was happy to discover that my long sitting Mac Pink Nouveau is now useful with the aid of a lip balm and the lip concealer! They made my first Mac lipstick wearable and I don't feel awful while sporting the shade.
And since I was surrounded by mostly guys (yeah, the likes of warehouse and sales men and all), I opted to don a "barely there" make up. Yep, the two products above greatly help me achieve the look!
Happy long weekend guys!