New Kicks from Parisian

Yes, Parisian again! This brand is really the one that I frequently check on and would have no plans to get a pair but I always end up grabbing one. For one, the price is outrageously cheap and the quality is decent and not compromised. This time, I got a wooden clogs with a t-strap design.

The boost in my height is one of the greatest selling factors, and yeah, the lightness of the "wood" makes it bearable to walk longer, too. With these two features at hand, I would never regret shedding my one thousan pesos for a pair. I don't know, but brown footwear tickles my "kikayness" and I find it sexier to wear brown than black shoes. :) The details of the brown, pink, and orange running through the vertical strap excites me as well as I feel that it is both playful and sexy. Overall, I could say that I get the right balance of casual and formal effect in this pair! I love it!

I plan to wear these on Friday when I would already buy that top from Forever 21 which I have been meaning to buy since yesterday. Yes, it is a sign that I do waaaant that top. :)

Afternoon Delight at Nail.a.holics

I can be impractical sometimes (or even always!). Last July, I bought a Cosmopolitan magazine and got that freebie of free Php 180 worth of nail services at Nail.a.holics. I wanted to try it but laziness digged up my system. One day after its validity expired, I managed to go to Cash n Carry and puff, I ended up setting my feet to the posh salon. Haha.

I agreed to spend my time inside the nail salon while Levy was out there doing some groceries. :D Anyway, the cute pastel colors of blue and yellow were so appealing to the eyes. It detoured to the default girly color of pink for nail salons and it is quite refreshing to relax with these colors. Ah, it reminded me of the old Heaven and Eggs! Haha. Like other salons, the place is little with big, comfy sofas sitting side by side. The place also gives an illusion of a relaxing feeling through its beach-themed wall. :)

Nail.a.holics is one of the salons which charges additional fee if you opt to go for high end polish brands such as Orly and China glaze at 40 php. Plain manicure costs 180 php and 220php for the pedicure. There is nothing much remarkable on their services where they got a lukewarm water to sooth your feet before the pedicure session and wrap it up with a minute of massage. I opted to get the normal polish for my feet (the brand is BK in brown, I think) which I commend the lasting power. I only got a polish change for my hands and chose Orly's Coffee Latte. The two colors look good on me!

Overall, I have a so-so comment on this nail salon. I neither recommend or discourage their services. It's something that I would go if I have spare moolah to waste or a branch is nearby me but I won't go out of my way just to have my nails done by them.  

Children live in the present

More on these thoughts about where we "dwell".
I spoke to a friend today, and we were talking about our children and somehow it came up-and she made the comment "children live very much in the present moment" , and I thought yes, how true- they are fascinated by the intricacies of the things at hand; they delight in the temporal world so well.
The scene which remains in my mind today as I go to bed is of the kids playing with a vintage tea set. The tea set sits on a small ornate metal lace table in the middle of the lush grass. The kids are pouring sand into the cups and tea pots and mixing it with water. The sun is in the most perfect position in the afternoon sky, so that it causes my daughters golden hair to glow as if she were an angel.

Tonight as I put my head on the pillow, I can hear my sons sweet breathing while he sleeps. How stunning the treasure is!


...........................and a very cool cabinet:)

Hello Everyone:)
Hope you are having a great week so far. We are here waiting for the hurricane to hit. Not really happy about it as I am a big 'ole baby when it comes to wind storms. I have called for a hurricane party at our house. Just got off of the answering phone of friends of ours who live by the shore to invite them to it. I am hoping Nicole, Manny and the girls come too because last time we had a lot of rain they were evacuated  because they were flooded. I hope those of you who are in its path stay safe. We'll talk after the storm.

                        OK, now for my HAPPY NEWS:)
I never win anything......really never:) But boy has my luck changed. I feel like I've won the lottery! I entered a give a way from Suzan over at OLD GREY MARE and WON!!!!!!!!!
 Come on, I'll show you what fun goodies  I won:) (I am sooooo excited)
OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Let's take a look, shall we?!
Burlap wrapped berries, I already know where they will live. Felted Roses -  LOVE the color!!! A tin of fabulous white buttons and a 'nice' card:)
But wait! There's more................
 The cutest Teddy ever, just look at that gorgeous fabric. Love the long postcard, it is soooo pretty and felted balls that will be perfect little snowballs for my Christmas decor:)
BUT....that's not all................................................................................
 Will you take a look at that adorable little white pitcher. How did she know I have a mini collection of them?
Sheet music wrapped in a black bow and them. And just look at how pretty the wrapping paper is. A perfect backdrop for photos, don't you think? BUT wait! We're not done yet.........................
 OMG, I LOVE THESE BAGS!!!! Yes 'these', there are TWO of them!!!! I plan on using mine for everyday use. Suzan sews so beautifully. It is amazing how creative she is and what a big heart she has:) THANK YOU SUZAN FOR SUCH A BEAUTIFUL and GENEROUS GIVE A WAY! You have no idea how happy you have made me today:) XXXXXXXXXX

          Now for MORE HAPPY NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You know Lisa from Serendipity Chic Design and I are friends and live pretty close to each other right? I follow her great blog and she is ALWAYS creating another masterpiece. She can take the worst looking piece of furniture and turn it into something fabulous. And her signs? Oh don't even get me started on those. But I digress.....Anyway, she showed this beautiful Victorian cabinet last week on her blog and I had to have it!
 Can you see why? Of course I had to change around two rooms to do this, but that is how I roll. She painted it a butter cream and distressed it to perfection.
           I put some of the fun things I got from Suzan in it. They are in the color pallet I was using.
                                             I displayed some of my brushes and birds in it too.
                           I found this nest outside and placed it into one of the flower pots I collect for my African Violets. I just love how  birds create such beautiful  homes to lay their eggs in.
                                                        More birds and a bust on top.

Well, gotta go and get something done in this barn today;) Thank you again to Suzan and to Lisa. Two very gifted ladies.

'Till next time....................
~Debra XXX

Not so easy to go to bed

Tonight I am sitting here after watching "the Proposal"...Sandra Bullock. I'm a sucker for romantic comedies.
There was no treading in poo today (Hooray !!) but the day was a whirlwind. Let me think...what did I do first? Oh yes, I got woken up by my little boy who was driving his toy car across my face. Usually somehow he manages to drop a toy on my face, but this morning he actually slept in and woke me gently with rolling toy car wheels.
Next, I tried to track down some fabric...semi unsuccessfully, and time traveled thru a few hours until taking the kids for a ride around the block. And here I am...umm, ok so I can't think, bed time...!

Time to live in the present...Note to self #1 - don't follow Heathcliffe's example

Today started essentially- or more accurately- most "memorably" with me stepping in a large, huge dog poo. I went to open the car door for the kids to get in and I felt the 'flow' under my foot, and sure enough the dog had deposited his waste in the same place as last month. 
We have a part time dog, meaning we share him with a friend. We have 2 weeks, and the other owner has 2 weeks...its a complicated situation...well not the poo part!

I have been thinking about how much time I spend thinking about the past- mostly I realize because I am trying to garner some truths about myself, or trying to re live a moment where I saw myself more distinctly...maybe?

And tonight, before I went to bed, i thought Id write down some of the things I've been thinking about lately.
I love my best friend- pictured above, and I love what we get up to together...she lets me dress her up for photoshoots, put her in crazy dresses and she lets me paint her face with wild make up.. we both agree she is my muse!

If I record these fragments here, maybe I will treasure these precious day to day happenings, and see more of myself in the present and stop hearkening back to the past...

Maybe I thought about this more because I watched "Wuthering Heights" on TV tonight...?? poor Heathcliffe is consumed by the past and tries to recreate it over and over. It where his love is- and where his life is...Cathy is dead- To me, she is figurative of the "past"- an elusive and indescribable thing which seems to carry so much weight and substance at times, even though it no longer exists. We have the present, we have the future, but we no longer have the past- at least not as a place to dwell in.
It reminds me of a Stephen King book I read once called "the Langoliers"- The Langoliers were things which ate up the past...I used wonder what happened to the "substance" of the past, and I never thought anyone else had entertained the idea.
Time for bed, xx
                          WELCOME TO BLOGGERS' BODEGA

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I always have this love-hate relationship with blogging. One moment I'm into it, and the next thing I know, I am detaching myself to scribbling. The last few weeks were helluva ones in the office with all sorts of meetings, presentations, documentations, decision-makings, etc. etc. I am damn tired when I reach home and the least that I want to do is bury myself again for an hour or two in front of my laptop and blog. Yes, blogging requires thinking, and thinking demands time, and time was scarce for me in the past weeks.

Maybe, this one also comes with the fact that I do write to relax myself. I don't use this as a medium to make a business so I don't give myself that extra stress just to produce a piece. But on the other side of it, I know that there are people who look into what I have put in here (thanks to statcounter!) and the sweet messages I got from my readers are all making me guilty. Believe me, I have a lot of things and discoveries to share and I am dying to relay them to you. Apologies, but I will make it to you this week. I have garnered my thoughts and insights to the different products I have tested used over the weeks. Everything is just in sitting in my head waiting to be doodled here. =)

Now, let me just wish you a blessed week ahead and may you enjoy whatever endeavors you may have!

All the best!


Hello Everyone:)
Hope your weekend was fabulous:)  Don and I took a little get away and drove up to Maine to go antiquing. Maine is such a beautiful state. It is not very easy getting away being self employed. So when we can sneak away for a few days we go for it.  
On the way back we drove through New Hampshire. We were looking for a particular antique store when I saw a rainbow, heard angels sing and and heard a voice from somewhere singing LOOK!!!!! It is then that I saw WHITE HOME COLLECTIONS!  I said "I really, really, really, want to go to that shop back there", to Don. (If I said 'really' only once, he would have stepped on the accelerator;). So being the wonderful guy that he is he quickly turned around.

OMG my friends can I tell you this was THE highlight of my trip. You all would have LOVED this place.

 It was a home, barn and tiny buildings outside filled with all of the things I love!!!!! The two ladies that worked there were soooo awesome and friendly. Would you believe I was so thrilled to be there that I forgot to ask them their names. Yes, you would;) I asked if I can take pictures for my blog and they said sure:) Let me tell you they were as beautiful as their wonderful shop.  So grab yourself a cup of tea because I am going to show you some of the wonderful treasures they were selling.
 OK, got that tea? Great! Now sit back and enjoy the loveliness. Check out those numbers!!! Now I wish I had bought one:( They were so perfect for the barn. (I wonder if they ship).
 This is one of the little spaces outside. Click to enlarge any photos. Look at that great aqua piece. And there were chickens enjoying the area as well. Isn't that great???? As I missed mine.
 Just LOOK at these GORGEOUS pillows!!!!! and that great window in the back.
 I had soooo much fun shopping in this great shop. I mean, look at all of the treasures.
 Can you take this kitchen? How cute! Look at that sink and the way the cabinet doors were removed. I am so loving that. If I had cabinets I would definitely do that.
                                                   Gorgeous frame.
 Lovin' that burlap bag and the pillows. So much inspiration in one place.
  OK do you love this ottoman as much as I do?
 Another awesome ottoman and pillow. Look at how that cute table is decorated. See the little kitty bowls below the brown table?
                     ~ I LOVE EVERYTHING IN THIS PHOTO~
                        This is the front porch that was also so pretty. Curtains on the outside of the windows:)
 One of the prettiest cats I have ever seen. Check out the spots on its little legs. And isn't that a beautiful face:)
 This was another space outdoors. See that tall ornate silver vase on the gray table? Oh yea, it's mine:) I can't wait to fill it with flowers:)
            The best part stopping here was that Don loved it too and had sooooo much fun. LOL He is the best:)
 A cozy place on the second floor. Oh, did I mention that there are 3 floors? Yes, three floors of fun.
This room had lots of fun things in it but what I really like was the radiator. lol They just don't make 'em like that any more.

I hope you loved the tour of this charming shop as  much as I have enjoyed shopping in it. And thank you ladies for letting me photograph your fabulous shop.

If you are ever in New Hampshire you MUST put this on your list of places to stop at.  WHITE HOME COLLECTIONS
                    9 GREENVILLE ROAD, WILTON, NH 03086
                     OPEN 7 DAYS, MON-SAT 10-5   SUN 11-5

                                                    OK, now for BLOGGERS' BODEGA



This is where you will find FABULOUS SHOPS that our fellow Bloggers own, every Tuesday!!! Everyone can visit and anyone can link up. Advertisement is FREE!

Why is it FREE ?Well, we know what owning an on- line boutique and etsy is all about. All the work and creativity that goes into it all. We wanted to be a place where you get a break from expensive advertising and just do it for FREE. No catches or jumping through hoops. We won't even ask for your first born;)

All we ask is that you grab the link and/ or button and put it on your blog. This is a great way for your online boutiques, etsy shops, ebay, Bonanza etc. to find the cream of the crop shoppers. For more information, please click the BLOGGERS' BODEGA on our side bar. Happy Shopping!!!

                                              HAVE FUN SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
'Till next time.........................
~Debra XXX
I'm not sure if apologising for not having any photographs published lately is right. Maybe from my camera, but not really from myself.. if that make's any sort of sense at all. I know that I had a lot planned for the past few months, but I've realised that I just need to pace myself. Then again, I need to stop being so lax about everything, waiting for the opportunities to come to me. These opportunities need to be found, and not everything is based on luck (I also have a shit attraction to luck anyhow).

Life, in itself, has just been swirling around, making my balance unstable and my brain tired.

But with this lack-of-apologetic-tone blogpost, it does come with a sort of selection of photos from the past two months or so :-)
So keep you're eyes peeled and ready to soak in the colours and emotions!
Will be up by tomorrow night

Lots of love alwaaaays,
Annie xxxxxx

(why am I feeling so loving tonight??!)
(thank you guys for all the nice comments!!)
(also here's a song that should accompany the wind and rain that has been non- stop over the past few days:


♥ ♥ ♥

Afternoon (and Evening) at Ystilo Salon

I said before that I want to try out other salon to overhaul my "dying" hair. Well, guess what, I still ran to Ystilo for their superb service. This time thoiugh, I spared myself from hassle of going to MOA (my stylist, Romy, is at MOA branch). I opted to go to the branch near me in Pasong Tamo. I was delighted to see that they have a current promo for rebonding so I was there sitting for about 7 hours to get my hair done. Lol. What can I say, I still get the same superb service that I got from MOA branch. My stylist now, Aidan, is very accomodating and not to mention very dedicated to me. And yeah, they got complimentary beverages here! I already had two cups of my Nescafe. :)

my untamed hair. ugh.

tadddaaaaaaa! after seven hours of treatment! =)

The whole treatment was a very good experience to me. The service, the in-between massages, the good music made the session not just bearable but delightful as well.
I also discovered something in Ystilo. That is, they have Orly and China Glaze nail laquers and the price of the mani-pedi is just very decent! One hundred bucks for my manicure and Php 120 for my pedi - with Orly! Amazing! Other high end nail salon would charge you additional fee if you choose the likes of Orly laquers but at Ystilo salon, they have it as a default brand. Sowshal! So while I was nailed on my chair for the hair treatment, I availed of the mani-pedi and got Platinum for my feet and ancient jade for my hands. The colors are jsut so vibrant. I love them!

I am really impressed as to how Ystilo does its business. No frills, no whatsoever, just purely giving their clients that so-called customer satisfaction. I love this salon to bits!


Hello Everyone:)

I am joining Kathleen at Faded Charm for White Wednesday this week. Thank you Kathleen for having this fun get together every week. It is so much fun:)

I had game boards on the wall that leads up to the bedrooms. I needed a change so I took them all down and put up something new. I  love the look of beautiful frames hung up without painting inside of them. I made this shelf/wall hanger a while back. I found this wonderful chippy pink architectural piece. Then I looked for some old hooks and found this fabulous tin for the center. I just love how it came out.
 This was the perfect spot for it. I hung some of my vintage white hand mirrors along with a couple of tins and children's shoes set on top.
                                     Isn't this tin piece pretty?
                                   Some of my favorite frames.
                                    Love this white one with just the right amount of chippiness.
 I may hang something in the round frame yet. Dons lanterns hang from the beam below.

I found this great corrugated letter 'G' at Brimfield this year. I was so happy it fit into the frame:)
 I repainted our white hutch and put the little chair (from my last post) in front of it. Very cozy.
LOVE alabaster lamps. I found this vintage shade, stripped it of its fabric and added some crystals to give it a little bling for the kitchen counter.

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you enjoyed my whites. Don't forget to stop over to say hello to Kathleen and see more fabulous whites.

'Till next time.....
~Debra XXX