Halloween and Bridal Shower Party

One by one, the family members of USLS BSA 2004 are tying the knot. It was just like a dream away when all of us were struggling to cross the line between college and corporate world. We were young then, not so young now!

But first, my outfit post! :p

Nere doing my "cobweb" eye

model modelan lang

Preview shoot daw. chos.

So anyway, last Saturday was Julyvin's turn to be the queen of the bridal shower. This time around, we had it celebrated with her other friends from high school, from neighborhood, and from other college friends. It was fun knowing her other friends as well!

the beautiful bride-to-be

Lanoline, the best party organizer ever was as usual the brain behind the spooky set up, the yummy foods, and the naughty games! A rented room at Atrium Hotel near LRT Buendia (which is by the way an overly strict hotel) was turned temporarily into a creepy place. I admired how they set it up like a pro! Armed also with a masquerade, which the Liwag girls have heartily made themselves, we donned into our black pieces and slashed out some halloween make ups onto our faces. So wee, naughty evils were on their way to a naughtier night!

with the party organizer!
The first activity we had was to cut a thread at the lenght of your own desire. It was more of a "getting to know you game" as you need to tell the group how you are related to the bride-to-be and what will make you say "I do" to a person. And while you are narrating, you have to roll the thread on your fingers and you can't stop while the thread is not yet fully rolled. So the longer your thread, the longer you need to talk! This activity divulged an "ah talaga?" moments such as the group only knew that I am related to Julyvin in three ways": we are from the same subdivision, we are classmates in grade school, and again in college. It was only that time to know that Julyvin and Melai, our other classmate, are second cousins. Amazing, ayt? :)

Kristy giving her testimony

Enter the next activity. The objective was that you have to reach your hand on the floor and trace it on a piece of paper without bending your knees. Yes, it is hard! So what is the relation of this game to a so-called briday shower, you may ask. In one corner, there stood another group member who secretly jotted down all the words we uttered while doing the activity. Just think of these words:
- start na?
- sala man na (it is wrong)
- ohhhhh
- ahhhhh
- ay kakapoy (it's so tiring)
- on the floor
- sakit lawas ko (my body is aching)
- tapos na

...And these words should be used in a story to depict the first night of the couple after the wedding. H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!!! Everyone was laughing so hard. Hard. Oh yes, our team won!

super challenging the game!

We've had another game called dress up the bride using a roll of tissue paper. The creative side of the girls surfaced as the two teams competed for the best wedding gown. It challenged our "delicateness" as you have to carefully create the piece without turning the tissue to its end state - "basura"! The result? Our bride with a peek a boo boobsie and the other team's uncovered butt!

The next game was showcasing your skills in "ayud" (how can I even vividly describe it in English?!). So here it goes, you have a stocking with calamansi fruits stacked in it and a can of beer which you need to artistically push on the other side using the former and your flexible waist! Just picture out how the player looked like while playing the game! :D

the Molavin sisters doing the "ayud" movement! :p

The last game was, simply put, a gross game!

Jermaine and I have to eat the banana slipped in between the legs of Giselle and Melai. And take note, the bananas are unpeeled and they keep on moving for us not to grab them!

But of course, what task can't I deliver? During the first round, I easily cut the banana with my teeth, and peeled it in inside my mouth and the second round, I managed to take out the banana meat with the skin intact. LOL LOL LOL!

Four crazy activities exhausted all our energies that on the next ones, we had Julyvin do all the activity. :p We asked her naughtiest questions which she gamely answered but of course, those were sealed in the four walls of room 2214 - Atrium hotel. :p We also palyed bingo where she needs to act out some naughty moves but July still managed to act them out "decently". Haha. And yes, the opening of the gifts! Girls really have creative ideas of what to give to the bride to be! I love all of them!


hmmmm... one steamy night! haha!

We capped the night with a group's cheers and wishing Julyvin all the happiness in her married life!

Oh, and yeah, our team was the overall champion! :p

hmmmm.... :p

the whole gang!

It was short but very well celebrated events! Thanks Lanoline for being the group's party organizer FOR LIFE! :) 


As of 1:17 AM, this is the status of my luggage. My flight is at 4:55 going to my hometown - the great Bacolod! Gah, I hateeeee packing!

On the side note, I have too many back logs in terms of blogs. I can't wait to drive down at our farm and jot some entries while having a frsh buko juice. Yum! So I had another accessory hoarding, and outfit post, a new make up purchase, etc etc etc!

So for the meantime, I need to get back to my unfinished task of packing, take a quick bath, and head to the airport! 

Happy holidays everyone! 


Here is a brief look at Vixens summer travels around our fair country. Lots of good people, cool bands and all dressed hot dogs. Big ups to : Meghan and Crystal, Marlee, Liz and Adjani for letting us crash at their place, Matt Cuthbert in T.O., Jesse of Mighty Atom, Germ Attack, Tay, Riley/G.O.D. and all the fine people of Peterborough, Alex at Death House, The boys of Contagium, Tom D. for blasting sweet metal all night as we slept, The Shambles, Candace, Vicky and Morgan, Sam for the BBQ and yachties, Laura, and Adam's parents keeping it real in Kanata.
Contagium at Katacombes, Montreal.
Basking in the afterglow of our first set of tour at Death House - Montreal
Crosss at Death House - Montreal
Chris and Jason at Rob's Mom's place - Ottawa
Parting ways with the boys - Bracebridge
Working the door at The Spill - Peterborough
G.O.D. - Peterborough
THE BUGGERS - Peterborough
Post show Karaoke - Peterborough
Peddling merch at Soybomb. Who could say no to that face? - Toronto
Ready to party - Toronto
Fine dining on the road - Kitchener
Polina (Nfld) - Kitchener
Mighty Atom - Kitchener
Impressed/unimpressed with 7 Eleven - Kitchener
Free eats at Casa de Popolo - Montreal
Back in the Maritimes - Truck stop somewhere in New Brunswick
Anticipating the last show of tour outside Gallery Connexion - Fredericton
Atomic Machetes - Fredericton
Making the most of our last night away - Fredericton


Hello Everyone:)

Do any of you paint? Or do you collect other peoples paintings? I am a self taught painter. Or at least I like to think I am;) lol
I do like to scour markets and tag sales for paintings done by others. Usually flowers and people speak to me.
I have many hung up on the walls like my own little art gallery. Some lean against furniture and yet there are a few on shelves.

This is one of mine. See, I told you I was self taught:) Roses are my favorite thing to paint, which is strange because when I use pastels I tend to do only portraits. Pastels I understand how to use.With paints I am still learning. I wish I had more time to practice my painting. The more you do something the better you become, right?
 This is another one of mine. Don't ask me what style I paint in. I have no idea. Do you? It may just be my own. I'd love to know.
 I fell in love with this painting of a little girl. She is so sweet, don't you think? Most of my paintings are not framed. I like them that way.
This painting of a beautiful woman, I did frame because I just happened to have a great old frame to fit her. Love the colors in it.

 This is the second picture I've ever painted. I love old cars and trucks and a photographer friend of mine gave me a picture of this old truck that he photographed, so I decided to try my hand at painting it.
 Here are a few more I have acquired. The pink roses and the white ones are mine. I believe the child is a very old painting.

I painted the top one and bought the bottom. See, I told you I like painting roses;) So what have you self taught yourself to do?

'Till next time................
~Debra xxx

Back in the Saddle

Aww Yeeeah!! On October 15th we played our first post - tour show at The Purple House with ROOT ROT, PRIMITIVE ACCUMULATION, NEGATIVE CIRCLES, MAKE NO GAINS and MEAN MUG. Lots of people crammed inside for a sweet time of kitchen moshing. Thanks to those who put on the show! We would love to play there again in the future. Check out photos and a review by the cool folks at http://www.diyhalifax.ca/
We'll also be playing a Halloween house show on October 30th with SILENT ORDER, PRIMITIVE ACCUMULATION and MAKE NO GAINS. Special guest Tonetta will be filling in on vocals for the night. An evening not to be missed!


              Hello Everyone:)
Nicole and are were very fortunate to get an interview with the multi talented Cindy Adkins!!!

Cindy Adkins is one special lady. She is smart, talented, inspirational and along with so many other wonderful attributes Nicole and I consider her our friend:)

She has graciously agreed to an interview about her new E-Books, 'BLOGGING: IT'S A WOMAN" THING', 'BLOG FROM THE HEART: A WOMAN'S GUIDE TO BLOGGING', AND 'FOR BRIDES ONLY' CREATING A WEDDING BLOG.If you haven't read them yet, you are really missing out. They are short (you can read one in 20 minutes)and sweet and jam packed with fun information about blogging. Really they are fabulous! My Photo
You will want to print these out for future reference.

Cindy doesn't just have one blog she writes for three!!! I know right? I sometimes have problems keeping up with just one;)



So without further delay, let me introduce to you; CINDY ADKINS!

Nicole and I first want to thank you so much for letting us interview you on your fabulous E-Books. We loved all three of them!

Cindy: Oh Debra and Nicole, thank you so much. I am so glad that you had fun reading them. They were intended to give women inspiration so that they could create the best blogs possible. Blogging not only opens up a whole new world to women, but unlike other social media, with a blog someone is the “star” of their own show. It is their private space and just like a home, women can make them whatever they want them to be.

One of the most common concerns women have about blogging is content. They often fear that they will run out of things to display or talk about. My books offer a whole new slant and help them relax and enjoy the process. They are not technical, but rather, inspirational. To me, blogging is like one big pajama party--it is a blast!

Debra & Nicole: How long have you been blogging and why did you start?

Cindy: I actually started blogging about a year and a half ago. Prior to that, I had a website for my mixed media art for a year. Visitors came to the website, but when I started my blog, it’s as if “the lights went on” and the traffic was amazing. I was finally interacting with people daily and it was a whole new exciting world for me.
But, blogging not only opened up contacts for personal reasons, but also, it was through my contacts in the blog world that I came in contact with art galleries and stores. For any women interested in working from home, I think that a blog is definitely one of those “must-have” items that can help jump-start their careers.
Shabby Chic Girls' Club
D&N: Tell us a little about your background.

Cindy: I have a Master’s Degree in Humanities and am a newspaper writer in New Orleans, as well as a mixed media artist and professional photographer. My work is featured in art galleries and I also have an Etsy store. In addition, I create digital art and am on 3 design teams. One of my favorite things to do is to create custom blog buttons and headers for people’s blogs.

Also, I enjoy helping people learn how to get more traffic to their blogs and understanding the “techie” part of blogging too. I have a seminar called Blogging 101: A Seminar for Women on my Whimsical Musings blog. I created a static page, so if anyone wants to take the class, it is free and is always available at the top of my blog.

The week of November 4, I am planning a week-long set of activities, including a giveaway and tutorials for “Victorian Christmas” week. There will be numerous projects that crafters can make with instructions.

D&N: You are such a giving person. What drives you?

Cindy: I would say it is my love of art, as well as my love of people. I have met so many wonderful friends through blogging.
Whimsical Musings Magazine
D&N: What inspired you to write these wonderful books?

Cindy: I wanted to create a vehicle whereby women could be inspired to produce amazing blogs no matter what their interests are in life. I think that blogging is extremely empowering and gives women an individual, as well as a collective “voice.”

I have received so many emails about the books since I wrote them. In fact, I rarely check the stats on my books, but when I looked the other day, “Blogging: It’s a Woman Thing” went up 100,000 ranks on Amazon.

I think that it is rare to find material that is for women written by a woman that speaks to their needs and concerns, including time management and balancing home and families while blogging.

D&N: What is the main thing you want people to take away from these books?

Cindy: I want them to know that no matter who they are, they have a story to tell and people who will be interested in reading it and meeting them personally through their blogs. To me, blogging is about value and worth and knowing that each of us has our own talents and gifts and we grow so much from meeting others with similar interests.
Cindy Adkins' Whimsical Musings
D&N: We are curious, how do you remember everything about all of your followers? Do you keep some sort of journal or do you just have a great memory:)

Cindy: Oh my goodness, I don’t know how I remember everyone! I would say that it is usually because something about their blog makes it stick out in my memory. I remember the first time I saw your blog. Do you want to know what I thought? lol I adored your header. It is completely dreamy. Then, when I saw your home, I was in awe. I remember saying to my husband, “Honey, come look at this--it is astounding!” That’s how I remembered you, Debra. And how do I remember Nicole? It’s because we are Twitter pals and she taught me all about using Twitter--Did I mention that I think you are both awesome?

D&N: What is the biggest thing you have taken away from blogging?

Cindy: I have gotten so much from it, but I would have to say that it is the connection with other people that makes it so meaningful.

D&N: How do you organize your thoughts.

Cindy: I have been so used to writing academic papers, as well as a Master’s thesis, that writing my new books was actually pure FUN! Because blogging is something that I truly enjoy, it is very easy to write about.

D&G: And lastly, do you have plans for future books?

Cindy: I have 2 books in the works at the present time. One is about men’s blogging and it is very entertaining, especially because I am interviewing men with some interesting stories to tell. I am also writing a book called “Angles at my Door” and because I have had so many spiritual experiences happen in my life, I am excited to be able to put them into words to inspire others. I am hopeful that it will be released in time for Christmas.

Thank you once again, Cindy. Nicole and I just think you are an amazing,creative and giving woman. Thank you for your time.

Oh Debra and Nicole, thank you so much for this opportunity. It has been so fun talking to you about things that I feel are so passionate about. I want to thank you not only for this interview, but also for all you do on a daily and weekly basis for all of us who have Etsy stores. You have such a generous spirit and it is so apparent the minute that anyone comes to your blog.

Didn't I tell you she was great?!?! And fun. right?????
(All photos were taken from Cindy's blogs:)
Thank you for stopping by and meeting Cindy if you haven't already met her. Check out her blogs and her etsy.

'Till next time..............
~Debra xxx and Nicole