Tony Moly's Tomatox

The tomato-shaped container is a winner for me that I bought it without any second thought. :D Oh yeah TM's Tomatox made it to their Best Seller shelf that I was most likely enticed to get one. So what is this product all about?

Tony Moly claims that this is a magic white massage pack. I am not really into that whitening claim but readign through the box, it also claims to be brightening and revitalizing your face. These two adjectives that I needed most right now. Yes, say hi to my dull face. I, too, am a sucker for face mask. They are a cheap way of giving yourself a quick pampering (just like the detox pads!) especially if time won't permit you to go to the salons.

The product is so white and creamy that upon opening it, I want to finish them up on my face. I love well-textured products. Really. Another positive note on this product is that it has a smallest spatula which prevents you from double-dipping the product. I use it to scoop the cream, paste it in my face, and massage it all over my face with my fingertips. It's less hassle. Now, upon reaching my face, I feel the coldness of it which actually tickles my senses! I love it. They are like cold creams pampering your face. It makes the whole session pretty interesting. It also has a subtle smell that I didn't mind piling the cream on my face for like ten minutes. Priced at 548 Php, it does not really hurt the pocket that much.

The downside of this is that I felt a pang of itchness in my face especially on the more sensitive areas like in-between nose and upper lip. It feels weird but the uncomfortable feeling lasts for short time. Well, it must be the product working closest to your skin.

So was it really that effective? After using this for more than a week now, I would say my face is still round and I still do have traces of zits and blemishes but I could say that I have a more brightened face. A face that is slowly getting back her life. But no, there is no magic just as the product tagline claims. =) I would not say that this brought so much positive effect on my face to date but rather something that helps my face revive its fulness.
raw faces right after rinsing

I'd say that I can live without this product. Good to have it but I won't panic if I ended up with an empty container.

Online Stalking: Shoes Wishlist

My system is itching to shop once again. This time, I have my eyes set on my current favorite obsession - shoes! Below is the rundown of the shoes I badly want to get but is still on the process of weighing if I'll give it a go. As my boss says, I only have two feet!

a. Leona Jane from

photo credit to the site mentioned above

b. Colorblock Suede Platform from Gojane

photo credit to the site mentioned above

c. Jeffrey Campbell Yield Platform Pumps from Nastygal

photo credit to the site mentioned above

d. Textured Cutout Platform from Gojane

Shoes! Why can't I have enough? And why are there just sooooo many gorgeous pairs?! Yes, I know the answer, and I know you do, too. :)

Classic Black Zara Dress

Do you often experience it in your shopping life when the universe just conspires on you and you found a very good buy in a very little time of scouting the mall?  Or you badly need something in a minute and you don't know where to get it but suddenly you found that stuff perfect for your taste? I do, and the most recent was last Thursday when my friends and I decided to attend an alumni at Shangri La Makati at the very last moment. Admittedly, I am one of the girls that freaks out if I feel that I am not dressed well in coming to an event or get together. This is the reason why I am a fan of last minute shopping.

So after locking the decision to finally come to an SGV event with friends, I ran through Greenbelt 5 to score a dress that is appropriate for the event. It should be chic yet very corporate-ly, simple but sophisticated, and best of all a dress that could give me that nice curve and hide my bulges. Too many demands for such a very short time of finding a dress but I am hopeful that I could find one. I found a so-so dress in Bayo but very doubtful to get it so I let it pass and proceeded to Zara without really expecting to buy from there. But lo and behold! I found something that best suits the occasio - a classic black dress! Perfect for the event, really.

Dress: Zara
Bag: Armani Exchange
Shoes: Zara (Not shown)
The dress was on sale and I got it for Php 1700. I didn't have a second thought of buying it because one, it flatters my figure and puts everything in place. Second, it is black and I can accesorize it magnanimously. Third, it is black and very classic that I could wear it in the office. And lastly, it is Zara. I love Zara! 

Segway: I actually loved how I dolled up during this event because I guess I made my make up so natural but with some shimmery effect and the big earrings as my accent just made a difference.

I can't help it and so today, I wore it again in the office!

Dress: Zara
Peep Toe Pumps: CMG
Bracelets: Personally Assembled

A closer look at my shoes! 

I just love lucky shopping days!


Hello Everyone:)

We finally got some much needed rain today. My plants are sooooo happy. The rain waters them in so much better than I do. Plus I just love the smell of the earth after it rains, don't you:)?
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Bittersweet Colored Dress

Vintage Black and Red Romper

Vintage Blue Dress with Gold Buttons

Vintage Translucent and Black Shoes

Vintage Black Dress with Gold Stars

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'Till next time...............
......~Debra XXX

The Face Shop Nail Color in PK101 and Causes of Bubbles

I am starting to love TFS nail polish once again! Thanks to Bobbie Basic Top Coat, it helps in maintining my chipless nails! This is my second bottle of TFS and I want to use it again after a long period of hibernation in my polish kit. :)

My peg for the week is sweet and feminine and so this shade best suits my feminine image. It is a subtle pink close to almost barely there. Due to its very light shade, I applied three coats to bring out the color.

And yeah, I am still getting bubbles. Ugh. I need to master the art of self nail polishing. :(

I googled what causes this buubles and I found out that I am guilty of almost all reasons! Sally Beauty pointed out the following factors:

First, wipe clean nails with nail polish remover to be sure there is no oil or moisturizer residue on nails before polishing. - I used one with moisturizer and never even bothered to wipe my nails to take out any residue.

Second, if your nail enamel is old, it can thicken and may cause bubbling. You can use a nail polish thinner, but a new bottle is best. - maybe this bottle is old. :(

Third, don't shake your polish bottle to mix the polish; beads in the bottle can create bubbles. Instead, roll the bottle between your hands. - I shook the bottle so hard! Agh!

Finally, be sure the first coat of polish is completely dry before applying a second coat. - :(

GUILTY as CHARGED! At least I now know how to avoid these irritating bubbles!

Late Night Long Bath

Can you believe it? I was curling in my bed for at least 17 hours. Yes, 17 freakin' hours! Now, where did my Sunday go?! Ugh. Anyway, I started my day at around 8 PM by snapping some food to fill my orphaned stomach, finished some chips that I left yesterday, and moved on to do Turbo Fire workout. I am starting to love this high intensity work out by the way. I just do hope I will continue to squeeze it on my daily routine for 21 days to officially make it as a habit - ah any exercise for that matter, not just Turbo Fire. :)

So, what is the best thing to do after all the sweats were hugging your body? Of course, jump to the shower! I made sure I have an oh-so nice bath tonight because I really want to feel refreshed and make sure that I at least do my weekly vanity routine.

I had Watsons Repairing Treatment Wax and shower cap to baby my hair. I put on an enormous amount of the wax on my hair to let my hair feel pampered. Why not, I have two tubs of this wax which I got from the famous Watsons' buy one take one. :D I need this home treatment because I swear, my hair now is just as messy as my room. Lol. I am up for another hair treatment but I just really have no time (maybe I should have slashed out my sleep) to sit for long hours at the salon plus I am scouting for another one to try out. Don't get me wrong, I love Ystilo Salon which have been my go-to hair place for two years now but I just want to step on to other salon. There are lots of them, and I want to try other services! Meanwhile, while Watsons wax is not doing a miracle to my hair, it is at least giving a temporary care on my crowning glory. Hair is softer and feels "thinner" breaking off momentarily from the term buhaghag.

Then I opened my bottle of Body Shop shower gel. When I smelled it, I felt I was brought back to year 2004 when I had my first Body Shop shower experience. Yes, it was Body Shop who opened my eyes to the world of my now most loved vanity on earth - the shower gels! I was driven back to the old memories. Yeah, you know that feeling of associating memories on scents? I had a so-called trip down the memory lane while pampering my body with the rich and subtle scent of neroli jasmin. :) I love the fact that it is soap free and I felt how gentle it is on my skin. Really, I love touching my skin now. =) Ah, Body Shop never fails me!

After I dried my skin on the fan (yeah, I am not fond of scrubbing my towel onto my skin!), I had the luxury of time and interest to apply my lotion. The weather is nice so I don't worry that I'll feel greasy. I had my Victoria's Secret pure seduction lotion to top my vanity hour. It was a gift from my friend way back in Christmas 2010 - one of the staple gift/pasalubong of balikbayans. :)

So there it is. My Sunday "getaway". :D

Dessert Hunting: Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

I can live without rice. But I can't without sweets.
I welcome calories if it means they give me happiness.
It is my refuge in times of stress.
So this Friday, I am giving myself a treat!

Ah, Ben and Jerry's is a feast!

Thank you S&R for bringing in this one of the best ice creams in the world!


Hello Everyone:)

It has been sooooo hot that I am really surprised that any of my flowers are still living. Most of my potted plants in the front yard are gone. BUT I do want to show you some pretty blues and purples that are blooming right  now.

 This is a Passion Vine. It is so gorgeous. It is on my deck and will come inside in the Fall to see if I can keep it growing. Love all the different shades it has.
This is one of the most beautiful Geraniums I have ever seen. It looks like it is made of velvet. This will also come inside in the Fall. Have you ever seen one this color before?

Petunias on the deck. Not many of these, but I am enjoying the ones that are hanging in there;)

 OOOOOHHHHH Rose of Sharon.  Love this bush and its' color. This one is sure to make me smile every time I look at it:)
 Nicole gave me a Hydrangea a couple of years ago and I was so thrilled to see it blooming. These will be pretty to dry and hang up too. Love the tiny white centers. So dainty each petal is.
 Phlox and Hosta flowers. I have different colored Phlox.  While I love the flowers, my garden has lots of green in it when it is not blooming. So I may have to move things around next year or maybe just add flowers in between. If you know me, you know I will probably just add more in between;) Hey, you can never have too many flowers right???
Butterfly bushes are many in the garden too. I love them, Don, not so much. But how could you not love a plant that is surrounded by gorgeous butterflies, I ask? The first one I ever bought had a butterfly on it and that sold me. Maybe he'll come around;)

Well ,thanks for stopping by my garden today. Hope you liked the blues and purples:) What color is blooming in your garden?

'Till next time............
........~Debra XXX

Interesting Finds at Japan Home Center!

So what have I found in this store this time? Two items that made me happy one Sunday afternoon!

One is an exercise tool which I thought of buying so that I could at least make my body move and shed off little calories if I cannot jog or do my zumba dance. It's a lazy form of exercise, actually. :D But it is quite practical also as I sometimes use it in the office when I am too burn out to face my laptop or I have excess energy where I need to tone down so as to focus more on work. 

While browsing through the store's merchandise, I found an alternative to the Detoxx that is half the price of the said brand. This is in the form of Aloma. Like Detoxx, I can't really say that there is a positive effect on me but the thought of having it plastered on my sole gives me a feeling of being detoxified. At a price of 88 a pack, it is my cheap form of giving in to my impractical vanities. :) 

Purchases like these are actually not needed but because they are darn cheap they make you buy them! Nah, cheers to great, interesting finds!


Hello Everyone:)

While walking in the yard today I came across these.

Aren't they beautiful???? They are mushrooms! Don't they look like Roses?
I was so excited to see such wild prettiness that I ran and got my camera to take pictures to show you.Nature never ceases to amaze me.

                                        I think they are amazing.
                        Different shapes and I LOVE the colors!!!
                                        Then I found these white ones. I'm not sure if any of them are edible but they sure are pretty:)
 Last week I picked this child's headboard from the flea market.  I am going to put it in the garden.
                                    The chippy white and green were the perfect colors.
                                         Just look at that scrolly design.     I'm lovin' it.
                     I would love a headboard like this.

Thanks for stopping by today:) You know I love it when you do.

'Till next time.................
~Debra XXX