Cinderella Loves Lurex!

Another stallholder joins on...

Holly has been in love with vintage clothing since she was 14...or maybe earlier, since she always loved her nana's beautiful vintage dresses- especially the one which was from the 70's- it was in an incredible shade of peacock blue with a diamond underbust that was sprinkled with sparkling claw set rhinestones.
Today she still has a fascination with everything sparkley and ethereal. Always wanting to celebrate life, she likes to dress up as a princess in fairytayle vintage clothing everyday.... even if she is just going grocery shopping ! So it's easy to see why her online vintage shop is called "Cinderella Loves Lurex".
There are literally mountains of vintage clothing in her house that need to find a new life, so you can expect to see her parting with some precious lurex pieces, 60s cinderella style lurex shoes and vintage wedding dresses, amongst many other gorgeous finds.
To see some more photos of her vintage collection, please go to her blog, and also visit Holly's other online store,, which is filled with ethereal experimental clothing and accessories, often incorporating vintage fabrics.