Best Swish in Town

Our Swishing mini event within the bigger VVV event on Sunday 23 May starts at 2.30 pm. 'Swishing' or more commonly known as clothesswapping is traditionally regarded as a fun and frugal way to refresh your wardrobe and at the same time make a small contribution to the life of our environment. We, at Vintage Vixens and Vamps, see it has a much bigger place, and for that reason are putting a lot of our acquisitions over the last few months and on the day into the 'pool' - just to make it that little bit more tempting and invite you all to get involved. Our VVV Swishing is just the first. Whilst our next big event will probably coincide with the Perth Fashion Festival in September we are looking forward to having some fun at the local level in between. Body shape based presentation and swish events .... Boho and American Chic swish events .... Swishing and Accessory events ... they are all in the pipeline as well as Vintage Cocktail Hours, Vintage Dinners and whatever else comes to our creative minds. For gals of all ages, I invite you to Swishhhh and play with adorning the beauty within. Swishing .... 5 quality used items no longer coveted .... $15 ..... swapped on the day with lovelies from all the other gals and the added temptation of additional indulgences from Vintage Vixens and Vamps!