Defining and Redefining concepts of the 'Ethereal'

 So I have always thought I owned the realm of the "ethereal", since the concept for me revolved mostly around the movie "The Dark Crystal" which I watched countless times when I was 8 years old. I always wanted to be Kiera...that gorgeous little blonde gelfling who wore those amazingly raw art nouveau'esque clothes and who had wings....(I also had a crush on Jen...)!

Another key movie that influenced me at an early age was a movie called "The Last Unicorn"...I wanted to also be the ethereal blonde (again!) unicorn who had been transformed into a human.....

 This film used to make me cry....the girl who had be changed into a human was growing weak and had to be changed back into a unicorn even though the magician who transformed her fell in love with her...!

I spent so much time drawing unicorns and flying horses and fantasy creatures. My mum even made me my own Kiera dress, and I think I remember complaining it wasn't 'raggy' enough....
This city where I live is pretty small, and before the time of the internet, who knew if anyone else was inspired by these young concepts of the ethereal?

I have always considered the concept of the ethereal as meaning 'otherworldly', or heavenly...which I quite love, but I also found these other definitions:

1 a : of or relating to the regions beyond the earth b :Celestial, heavenly c : Unworldly, spiritual
2 a : lacking material substance : Immaterial, intangible b : marked by unusual delicacy or refinement "this smallest, most ethereal, and daintiest of birds" — William Beebe c : suggesting the heavens or heaven 
3 : relating to, containing, or resembling a chemical ether

When I looked on etsy, my first impulse was to type in the word ethereal and see what popped up....I was, and am, fascinated by the wonderful interpretations and re-interpretations of this word and what it means to different people. And I love that it's not been restricted to only white garments !!!!

I will be following these thoughts with some of my favourite 'ethereal' picks from Etsy, so stay tuned !

(Below are some pictures of me and a friend when we played 'dress ups' about 3 years ago !! )