Get into the Groove

For those of you who aren't quite yet up to swishing, who are just tentatively dipping their toes into revamping their wardrobed with Vintage and recycled, and for those of you who are right into the whole thing, we want you to turn up on Sunday 23 May with one good quality piece of preloved but no longer coveted clothing to hand over. It will be used ... in our swishing event ... in our community events coming up ... in our next big event .. nothing is going to waste. And in return you go into the draw for a $100 shopping voucher with Winifred and Bance. $100 will nearly get the likes of my gorgeous faux fur I intend to wear everywhere, or, it will get you one great outfit. So what have you got to lose? Before you dash out the front door on Sunday grab that 'oldie but a goodie' and hand over when you walk in our front door.