Last night we had a wind storm. It knocked out electricity for many people. We were lucky, only a few branches came down and the yard is a mess, no biggie. But boy is it cold and again windy today! I think winter is closer than I thought.

Nicole, the girls and I went out this morning ,all bundled up to keep warm ,to have a delicious breakfast. Then off to pick up a few things at the store and headed home. We planned on a warm cup of tea and some chit chat. It was about 10:30 a.m..

This is what we came home to.

How cute, Dante loves to play with his toys. This one is his favorite. But.... what is he.... looking at so intensly?

Awwww, Fergie grazing again on what ever plants are left in
the yard. How sweet:) Good for the digestion. And that reminds me to remember to buy rug cleaner.... but I digress.

WHAT THE........!!!!!!!!!
Who are you and where are my front doors?!!! Are you crazy???It is freezing and windy outside!!!! Why why why??????? Is what I was thinking;)

" Hi guys, what's goin' on?" "Gee, it looks like some project you have going on there" is what I said.....

.....It is now 6:14 p.m.  and I can't tell you how cold it is in here. They are singing and laughing!!!!!It is getting dark and the doors are still off of the house!!!!! I can't get warm, can see my breath and am on my 8th cup of tea. Not to mention that I just saw a little gray mouse running across the livingroom!!!!! The joke is on him if he thinks he is getting warm in here tonight. Things are falling off of the window sills from the banging. I won't even talk about the fact that they are using a saw and all of the dust from it was being blown throughout the house from the hurricane like winds outside. I am trying to forget that it took 4 years to complete the treehouse deck. I feel like screaming WHY WHY WHY Please someone wake me up?????? But I won't because this is very important to them and I am a giver.....and I am going upstairs with my 9th cup of tea to find the sleeping bag and to cuddle with the cat. Maybe I will wake up tomorrow and this will all have been a bad dream.

Hope you all have a warm weekend:)

'Till next time.........
Your blue lipped friend, ~Debra XXX