Re-enlivening Fashion – Grown Up Girls’ Dress Ups

Backstage at the Vintage Vixens and Vamps Fair II

Sunday 17 October 2010

1.30 – 3.30 pm

Cost $12 (plus $3 entry fee)

All grown up, somewhere to go, but lost the knack of looking great?

Come along to this small soiree of women backstage at Vintage Vixens and Vamps, bring along one outfit you look great in, dress up, have fun, grab a few pointers from the teachings of Trinny and Susannah – and make use of the fantastic outlets at VVV II to explore how vintage, retro and preloved clothing can put the glamour and style back into your dressing life – at a fraction of the cost of mass produced, resource wasting, imported clothing. Numbers are very limited. To book, contact Georgina on 0417 949 179 or email”