Hello Everyone:)

I  wanted to share with you today that our 'new' online boutique is finally up!!! We changed hosts and the look of our boutique at Maisonstgermain.com and we love it!!!!!! We think it is soooo pretty. Would LOVE to hear what you think!!! And we always welcome fresh ideas. Come share in the excitement with us and take 20% off of any $30.00 order. Tell a friend!!!We added a ton of new things and will be adding more next week. You have all month to use the coupon but shop early for the best sellection;).

Just us code: VNTGVXN and get your 20% off!!!
Have fun shopping:)

'Till next time.......
~Debra and Nicole

P.S. We lost a lot of our mailing list when we switched hosts, so don't forget to sign up and you won't miss any exciting news:)