Hello Everyone:)

Hope you are having a great evening. I have enjoyed all of your blogs today. For those of you I haven't gotten back to, I will very soon:) You all really make my day. I LOVE when you take the time to comment:)

Well, you may have heard that we got more snow. Yes, about another foot last night. We even had thunder and lightening. Now the reports say there is more snow coming on Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday! Seriously there is very little room to put any more.

 This is the back of the barn. We don't have gutters but were planning to put them on next year. It has been so cold that the icicles keep growing. I have noticed gutters on houses and businesses that were destroyed by all of the ice.  Maybe we won't get them after all;)
 This is the side of the barn. Can you believe the ice? It's a little scary to step under them while entering this door.
                        A man and his toy!
 He was outside 'playing' in the snow from 9:00 until 4:30 without a coat!
 In other news.....Fergie and Dante go to work with me every morning. They love it and so do I. They really help out a lot. But I have noticed that Dante has been making some clerical mistakes lately.....
..... Well, wouldn't you know it......He needed glasses!!!! LOLOLOL
                        Very handsome don't you think?

Have a wonderful weekend:)

`Till next time....
~Debra xxx