The beginning of a new end


After nights and days spent contemplating this hobby/ where its headed/ what I want to pursue/ how I want to construct it and most importantly how I want/ wish/ hope others to perceive me, out from the photos I capture. Viewing others success/ failures and attempts of mirroring themselves through their artistic development, and seeing as mine as a standstill- only thoughts have been imagining what I could be, and no actions being a result. Hence why I am changing outlooks and goals. I've been trying too hard to explore different styles and thoughts through photography and its not really working.
What I gain out of photography should not be influenced by the general demeanour of what trends or popular photography techniques are around at the moment. I should not try and be confined by what people want to see, rather let them see what I want them to see.
This blog is going to reflect more of a photo journal. Things that my eyes and camera lens capture regardless of who/ what/ when/ why- both candid and set up. Anything. No boundries.

Your eyes will view upon the innards of my camera-minded side and will gain little more knowledge.
Instead of being someone that I thought I wanted to be, I will start to reflect someone that I have always been and reflects myself. 

So here's an attempt to begin this revised chapter with a few photos that hopefully transcend explanations for my long absence.


Welcome to my photo-like-journal visitors. Words and thoughts can still be found on le other blog.