Hello Everyone:)

I have started to decorate for Fall, have you? I love the Fall colors and the crisp air. I wanted to share with you a few pictures of what I have done around the barn.

 I placed   some Asters, Mums and Cabbages here and there. Yes, Fergie helped;)
This is the top from an old stool. I had vintage black shoes that were perfect to decorate with.

I just love this old scale. It is great for fruit and any seasonal decor.
 Not sure what this flower is called but my friend Bev gave me some a few years ago to plant. Would you believe there are none where I planted them but they are every where else:)
 Some purple Mums and this year we have flower boxes so I filled them as well. I can't wait until they flower. I have always wanted flower boxes and Don put them up about a month ago. I was so excited and couldn't wait to fill them:)
Isn't this the cutest child's Adirondack chair? Bought from a flea market, I thought it was adorable. Love the chippiness.
Have you started to decorate for Fall yet?


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`Till next time....................
~Debra XXX