Hello Everyone,
Gosh I've missed you:) We have been very busy with clean up and without power due to Irene. I do hope everyone came through it OK. We lost power for 4 days. And can I tell you, I was never so happy to vacuum and do laundry once again!

 Before Irene came through, I gathered up a bunch of different bottles and ran outside to pick flowers from the garden. I thought they would look better in my house than all over the yard.
 Well, after the storm, I am happy to say that I still have flowers outside:)
 I also have THESE......Oh, don't let their innocent looks fool you for even one minute. Their minds were churning even at the time I took this photo. Their house was flooded so Nicole, Manny and the munchkins are staying with us until Nicole and I are done putting in new floors. We were going to finish today but when we got home from the flea market our power was out again!!!! It is back now:)
 I wanted to share with you a few things that I have found on my trips. I saw this apple bucket and knew it would go on the front door filled with Fall decor. I may change what is inside yet. One would hang this around their body, fill it with apples, and pull a string at the bottom to release them. It is quite large and I just loved it when I saw it.
 I also found this cute little childs' desk. I painted it white, distressed it and put it in the kitchen where the girls love it.
 Wooden geese were always a favorite of mine. When I saw these for $5.oo a piece, I knew three were coming home with me:) I just hope they don't attract real ones. lol
 Fall has me cleaning and rearranging. I added this pretty bow tied sheet music that I received from Suzan
 I just picked up this gorgeous millinery hat today. Love the flower!
 I have been bringing in my house plants too. Do you put yours out for the Summer? This trailing one is actually an outdoor plant that I am going to try to keep growing inside. It is a Passion Flower and so pretty when it blooms.
 I am sooo going to miss my favorite Flower Guys from 'Joes Flowers at the flea market when it is closed for the season. I LOVE having fresh flowers every week. They always have the prettiest combinations. I bought some small pumpkins today too and the most delicious corn.
 OK, have you guessed who is coming over for a picnic??????Oh yes, the dynamic duo. Fifi and ...............
.............................Mark:) They are shooting  for a book that Fifi is writing. We have a big end of the year Oktoberfest family picnic every year. This year I am thrilled to say that they will be joining us. I will be posting more on it in a week or so. I am going to be sooooo busy, but fun busy.

So, that's some of the things that have been going on here. What are you up to? Are you having a picnic tomorrow or just relaxing? I hope what ever you do it is fabulous:)

`Till next time..................
~Debra XXX