The Little Me

Make ups? Shoes? Bags? Accessories? These are all me! But what makes it more interesting is that I think I've found the little Dahlj in the person of my cute niece (who's liek my very own kid) named Clesh. My gaaad, she really wants to be me and have already "sealed" the deal with me to give her all my shoes when she grows up. Cute!

Anyway, here are some of the photos I've snagged when I went home last weekend. I am surprised to see her wearing my things that I can't help but held my phone and get her photo. And yes, she poses like a pro!

She is only three but she can already confidently walk in my sky high heels, can model my accessories, can apply and wear my make up. She is born to be kikay, that I am sure of. LOL.