Cupcake Days

A couple of weeks ago I was having a really bad day, I can't remember all the details but my mind was filled with everything that wasn't going right. Now, I know that we can only experience what is on our mind so I took a step back and had a look at what I was paying attention to. After a few moments I realised that nearly everything I was attending to (and thinking negatively about) was totally out of my control. The only thing that was totally within my power to make brilliant or dismal were the cupcakes I had made that morning - and they had turned out fantastic. In an instant I went from feeling lousy and thinking that I was totally useless to feeling great because of all the things that had crossed my path that day, the one that I was in control of had turned out brilliant. On that day I coined the term 'my cupcake moment', the moment in time when I was competent. Since then Maureen and I often talk about whether we have had a cupcake day or simply cupcake moments, and my six year old daughter has also adopted the term. In the last week I have had several cupcake days, ones in which things have just gone right. I have had shop owners very happy to put our flyers in their shop windows, cafes taking what money I had in my purse for my coffee rather than the full price, and a very serendipitous chance encounter with Melanie and Kerri of Red Feathers and a Hula Skirt. For many reasons both my daughter and I had another cupcake day today, one of my highlights being the acquisition of several great clothes racks. And whenever I think of cupcakes images of the delicious works of art by Kate Laurendi always come to mind. I first met Kate when with The Markets, and now she has eagerly put her hand up to join us at our 'Vintage Vixens and Vamps' event in May. If you haven't indulged your sense with her cupcakes then I recommend you visit her on facebook, and better still meet her in May. I hope everyone is having some great cupcake days, there is certainly some fantastic initiatives underway in Perth and I am really looking forward to mixing with them all.