Vixen Refashionista

Two nights ago I was thinking about what to do with this 'gorgeous' 'Stitches' frock recently purchased from an op shop. My favourite fashions were in the 80's. Stuart Membery was my designer of choice but overall I liked the androgynous look, square, hanging, big, different. I was into punk fashion (minus the piercings), music and nightclubs - Adrians in Northbridge was my favourite. And prior to that David Bowie adorned my ears, I had every LP ... until an ex boyfriend took them all with him. I was remembering my favourite album, David Bowie Live and yesterday when I visited Hannah at Pigeonhole there it was playing on the iPod! Those were the days. But back to the dress, I liked the retro look of the fabric, reminded me of our 'family room' wallpaper in the 70's - brown, geometric, one feature wall with orange carpet! Beautiful .... my bedroom had the lime green feature wall, it's a wonder I slept. So I tried my hand at refashioning the dress into something I would wear now, 30 years later - and this is how it came out. The shoes were recently op shop purchased, the earrings are mine from the 80's, I made the little black wrap around skirt - I like the flexibility of wrap around, the leggings and t-shirt are from some suburban store - and my refashioned retro over thingy come dress. What do you think? (And my apologies for the photographs - my six year old daughter took them, we will have to find a better position next time that catches the light and gives her enough room to adjust the camera.) Refashioning anyone?