Vintage Vixen Georgina

As a Vintage Vixen I have an interest in lots of things old(er). When I resided in Victoria I used to love the country deceased estate auctions (a bit maudlin I suppose but they were so much fun and the finds were soooo interesting, gosh, I miss them). So my home at that time was filled with old furniture, lace doilies, crockery, whatever caught my eye - and of course it was always fun and a little bit nerve wracking when bidding.

I am currently reading a book on one woman's adventures with vintage clothing and it has reminded me of the approach my mother took with clothing, the term fashion I wouldn't have applied to our home until we girls hit 18 and had money - then we took a real interest in what to wear! Platform shoes, flared jeans, Vadim jeans, mini dresses dripping with belts and big earrings with shiny gold leaves, voluminous dresses gathered around a yoke and billowing out (not really a flattering look), one piece pants suits, halter neck dresses and tops, culottes and as an old boyfriend reminded me the other day we also had terri towelling shorts sets - ugh! In reading this book I am relishing the memories and re-valuing of my mother's ways, dictated by the economic times back then and the skills she had acquired in her own family of origin. I am so grateful for the passing on of those skills and my reacquaintance with their emerging place in life today.

And I have always loved books. Hours in the library or reading The Secret Seven, books and the stories they contained within were another world I would move into, often for hours on end before returning to life in the suburban back yard. With memories locked into my neurological wiring of the pleasure I enjoyed in those books it is no wonder I turned to journal writing in my adult years - my senses yearned for grainy touch, musty smell and neurological pleasure chemicals! But writing on paper made in China was not the same experience and so I imported beautiful, dusky handmade papers and learned to make journals. I work with fabrics, embellish them with textiles and more recently have added old 45 single covers and collage to my repertoire of book adornment.

I am vintage, I have my own vintage story and all of it is captured in my personal blog If you are interested in things vintage beyond fashion then I invite you into my blog and look forward to sharing memories and questions that pertain to a time not really so long ago. G