Our Swishing Stylist

Gosh, lot's of conversations, things starting to come together. Today I met with Hannah McGrath, terrific creative person we met when Two Bucks Til Wednesday appeared at The Markets at Perth Cultural Centre. As many of you probably know she is a freelance stylist and experienced with X-Press Fashion, Scene, Two Bucks Til Wednesday, anadventure.wordpress.com, and Pigeonhole. The latter is in fact where we met, very happy I did so, lots of interesting stuff and idol of my youth David Bowie playing in the background. Anyway, Hannah has agreed to be our roving mingler during our Swishing Event. While you are deciding which pieces to swap she is available for you to seek advice from. She's stylish, bubbly, creative and a lot of fun, you will all enjoy her in your midst amongst the clothes! I will post Swishing Rules in the coming days, don't throw those unwanted fashion items away - they may just get you the most gorgeous piece yet.