The Art Of Make-Up

I once believed that low-end make up brands do not give justice to your face. I would see common people who seemed to be a participant in a merry-go-round when they wear their make ups. I thought the very reason was that they are using supermarket make-ups. But the wedding I attended two weeks ago proved me wrong.

I was a secondary sponsor on Perry and Gemma's wedding in Pangasinan. With that, I really need to fix myself since I have a role to play during the ceremony as well as during the reception. My friends - Nels and Erms and I were actually hesitant to entrust ourselves to the make up artist. Pangasinan. Gays. They might be just one of the many badings who would love to pour on all the palette's content on you. Yet, our social etiquette told us otherwise. It would be rude that we will alienate ourselves among the other sponsors just because we are not confident as to how they will do justice to our over all look. And so we took the risk of giving them the tag as our MUA.

A little something is still  holding me back still when I saw their make-up brands and started putting them on my face. I was really at the verge of telling them to use what I have because more or less I was already confident as to the result of those on my face. But then again, I trusted them wholeheartedly. One thing that requested - make it a nude make-up.

And so after like one hour.... the results were really, really amazing!

Look at how my eyes were turned into smaller ones and less the bulge!

Make-up: random supermarket brands like Ever Bilena, Careline, and Nichido

Hair was done in such a way that it will give less emphasis on my face!

Gown was from Cinderella at 80% off:  Php 750.00
Clutch was from Liberte, Robinsons Department Store: Php 200 something
Stilettos was from Gibi on sale: Php 700

The motif was bright red and bright yellow so what I did was to have a minimal yellow accent
Nail polish was in Mango Tango shade
Watch is from Trinoma tiangge at Php 100
"Brooch" was actually the so-called flowerettes which are used for designs on hairs or cakes. :D

The gays behind our stunning looks!

I saw the importance of the skills of applying make-ups. Yes, branded make-ups are more pigmented, has stronger lasting power, has nicer shades, etc, but then the key to a best make up look is to know how to apply them whether they are branded or not.

Thank you Adrian and Co!