Product Review: Maybelline's B.B Cream

When I started out exploring the make-up world, I was amused by the discovery of the likes of make-up base, eyeshadow primers, finishing matte, etc. I did not realize that there is really more to make-ups than lipstick alone. Now, I am more than interested to know anything and everything in this area where women dominates.

My new knowledge leads to yet another type of product - the B.B. creams. I originally saw this in one of the blogs but I did not mind roving the mall to get one as I find it as an auxiliary rather as a prime component in my daily make-up routine. But when I visited Watsons last week, I found one from Maybelline. Don't ask me what the double B stands for - I don't know. :p

The product has tempting promises. Eight in one is definitely something that you will get curious with. It does promise to brighten your skin, cover imperfection, and moisturize plus protect your face. Three worst enemies of our face are being countered by one product. Promising? I know it is.


Priced at Php 249 in Watsons, I did not mind shedding my two one hundred peso and fifty bills. It is relatively inexpensive and so I can ditch the product if it does not suit my face type.The product's little tube makes it also a portable one where you can insert it comfortably on your vanity kit. It is very handy.

The texture of the product is very likable! It sits fairly between being a fluid type and a dense type. You can apply it on your face in a controlled manner since the texture is very manageable.

Upon applying the cream, I noticed how smooth it blends with your face. It is an instant foundation! Notice also ont he above photo how it covers my skin imperfection - the uneven skin tone and the unwanted redness in my face. On this note, I knew Maybelline delivered its promise. :)

You have to be wary though when you apply the cream as you might love applying them and you will later realize that you put on too much. Take a little time to let the cream set in. In this way, you would see how much have you put in and decide on whether to further the application or not. This is also the best time to

I personally hoped that the oiliness of my face will decline but I did not get such wish. I would say that it is not one that could buster an oily skin. As to the moisturizing part, I really don't feel it in my face. How should a moisturized skin feel like, by the way? :p Lasting power for me is relatively a so-so primarily maybe because i did not stay in an airconditioned room over the past two days that I wear the cream.

Tada! After washing my face with my usual Ponds routine, I directly applied the BB cream on my face and I got the reult above. I love how toned, even, and smooth my skin looks. BB cream is definitely included in my daily routine! It is a must for me!