Product Review: Avon Smooth Mineral Lipstick

 Photo grabbed from Avon's website

I am into lipstick shades these days. Before I got hold of my two new NYX lipstick, I was able to grab two new shades from Avon. This new line from Avon offers a wide variety of shades to choose from. I got pink quartz and rosy brown.

Unfortunately, my pink quarts was already in a state of R.I.P. when my niece smashed it and used it as her crayons. Awww... Anyway, here's my review of my rosy brown smooth mineral lipstick.

I always adore a very good packaging, and this tube passed my taste of exuding a sophisticated look. I love the black and brownish silver combination of the product.  As to its shade, I favored this one for the purpose of matching it with my smokey brown eyes (in case I think of doing so in my eyes). As you can see, it is not much of a pink and at the same time, not much of a brown. It balances these two colors making it wearable not just for a smokey brown eyes but for other make-up theme as well.

As evidenced by the photo above, you'd see it's luminous effect. There are small sparkling elements which gives my lips a fuller life. The sparkles are just enough and does not offer a christmas-light effect. My lips is also showered by a shea butter making it smoother and I felt like the pigment is absorbed more by my lips than merely sitting on top of my lips. Longevity wise, it is decent enough to stay relatively long.

One thing that I hate about this product though is that you have to glide it over and over again to see to it that you applied the shade, otherwise, it seems like you are having a nude lips which is not suppose to be the case. And just like the other lipsticks that I have, I still apply this over a lip balm or lip shiner.

 Wearing my rosy brown lippies!

Overall, I am starting to love this product primarily because of its shea butter and conditioning oil ingredients. It is more friendly on my lips and decently stays at an accepable time frame!