Nescafe With Collagen!

I love coffee. I love vanity. Can I have them in one? Why not!!!

Don't get me wrong, I don't buy that bold letters C_O_L_L_A_G_E_N. I simply like the fact that they were very much creative in marketing their product. :D And, who would not want this pack for a pasalubong? :D

I soo love the pink accent of the pack. It makes me so girly! :D

These sticks are normally bigger than what we have here in the Philippines, right? 

The coffee tastes just like a regular instant coffee. There is not much to expect on them, only on the psychological aspect that you think you are drinking a "healthier" coffee. And yes, I subconsciously feel more feminine. LOL. 

Sipping your coffee while feeling sexy? Why not?! :)

P.S. Do we have it here in the Philippines?