A Superb Online Shopping Experience With The CareFreeShopper

If you have been following my blog, you'd see a lot of entries mentioning a multiply seller in the name of www.carefreeshopper.multiply.com. There are two major reasons why this site always made it on my articles: the store is selling well researched stuff at a very competitive price and the fierce lady behind the store is a dear friend. I used to have a hand on my stuff either through a friend who's coming here to Manila or personally getting them from Armie when I have the chance to go home to Bacolod.

It was last Wednesday when I caught the newly posted items CareFreeShopper has that brought me to another online shopping experience. I was simultaneously talking to another dear friend, Erma, and told her about the new stuff and that I know she's been yearning for that smokey eye kit from NYX. She got three items and I got my NYX make up box!

Saturday morning came in and I already have the package via Air 21. I was ecstatic knowing that I have a new toy after I lost some of my makeups last Friday. Oh well, I'll weave another entry for that "loss" when I am ready to finally let go of those (I am still in denial stage!).

I am not really a fan of online shopping because I'd rather get my stuff personally at the malls and see them tucked into paper bags. That way, I know they are very well protected. With online shopping, all you'll actually get are stuff stuff effortlessly thrown inside the courier's lousy plastic bag. BUT, with CareFreeShopper, my perception changed dramatically! Won't you do another purchase if you receive this very neat package?

 While other sellers would prefer not to spend on those boxes, Armie sheds of some pesos to get a decent box and place your stuff safely on it. Isn't that sweet?

Bubble wraps! Oh, another expense that Armie does not really care about as long as it is giving her clients the best possible service! I love how it gives extra protection on my dear make ups!

Business card! A proof that CareFreeShopper is really serious with business!

...and I got on my hands on my untainted make up box! I just love it!!!

I really admire those people who thinks beyond the usual to give their craft an edge. I love business-minded people and how they strive to make a mark on their niche. Armie and CareFreeShopper are classic examples. 

There are tons of online sellers, but who gets the best service? I FEARLESSLY VOTE FOR CAREFREESHOPPER!