Wave 4 Teaser!

Ok. So my addiction to shoes is getting worse and worse. Cap it off with my friends' request to post more photos of cute shoes of different styles, here I am doing another round of shoe hoarding. I've browsed a literally a gamut of shoes and the pairs below are the "finalists" that made it through my "taste buds". You want proof? My former boss (who is by the way a really BIG boss) went gaga over all these selections and without question, she immediately asked me to get her two pairs! So yes to beautiful shoes!

So, can you guess what did my boss picked? How about mine? Do you want to join the shoe craze? =)

More importantly, scroll down for a very important question I have that needs your answer!!!

... Are you size 7? :) Virtually raise your hand!


Then please comment or email me at dahlgren_17@yahoo.com. Thanks muchie!