Review: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (Amsterdam, Abu Dhabi, and Antwerp Shades)

I felt like I need to get new sets of my lippies. There is no concrete reason why, but I just need new ones. :p Of course, it's always CFS whom I go to when it comes to online shopping of cosmetics. I wanted to try the other line of NYX lippies which is the soft matte so I asked Armie to choose three tubes for me and here are what she cherry-picked!

I normally don't copy any description in a product's label but I can't help but replicate how NYX describe this line. It is how I exactly view them and I am glad they've done it for me. Haha. NYX soft matte lip cream is:

"not a lipstick nor is it a gloss"
"something you haven't experience before"
"a lipstick cream that goes on silky but looks soft matte"

NYX soft matte lip cream for me is tha bomb! It just feels right when I swipe them on  my lips and the scent, oh the scent!, is just so heavenly to smell but doesn't make you feel like nauseous afterwards. you know what I mean? There are some products that are just too "fragrant" it makes you feel like engulfed in a room filled with air freshener - but not the NYX soft matte lip cream.

The tube is so sleek and chic and clean that it adds up to the whole look of the product. I love good packages.

Top to bottom: Abu Dhabi, Antwerp, Amsterdam

As to the shades, I actually like the variations I got. Amsterdam is the red one making it a statement shade. My niece likes this very much! It is close to MAC's Ruby Woo but lighter when it comes to "redness".

Abu Dhabi is more of the nude type. Perfect for that smoky eyes and toning down your aggressive look. It is close to NYX's summer love but I like Abu Dhabi better as the former is really "too nude".

Antwerp is the pinky-pinky type where it is perfect to achieve that pa-girl effect. It is most wearable during the day when you just need a pop of color into your face without that heavy make up look. It is like NYX's tea rose.

here's me wearing Antwerp. See how it pops up even from afar. :)
Priced at Php325, surely you got a good deal!