Hello Everyone:)
How are you all? You may have heard , we had a Noreastern. That's right, lots of snow on trees that were still full with leaves.  Our power, heat, water, phone was out for 8 days.

It wasn't pretty.  I will say this though, with all of the strange storms that we have been having we are getting quite resourceful with how we handle them. And talking to other people in town, we all share different ideas with each other. It has been a learning experience:)

I won't inudate you with tons of snow pictures, theres lots of time for that. But this is what the entire State of Ct looked like. We had gone to a show on Saturday evening in the snow and on the way home we had to actually dodge fallen trees on the highway! A little scary.

Our yard is such a mess with fallen trees, broken fences etc. But even with all of the destruction, along with no power, I felt very blessed. Our family and friends were all safe and our home was fine. People have gone through much worse than this. There is a lot still to clean up but we will do it and move forward. And we will have lots of firewood for quite a long time:)

                      In other news....

       Nicole and I have been very busy Vixen Elves;)
 We have been making Christmas ornaments for a great little shop we sell in called 'Serendipty' in Litchfield, CT. I will have photos of this shop later in the week. You are going to love it:)
  We have a Christmas music theme going on this year.
   Have you made any ornaments or Christmas decorations this year????
                                   Vintage candy canes.

 Don and I celebrated our 32nd Wedding Anniversary on November 3rd. We went away and look at what we found. LOL
Can you imagine the look  on the faces of the parents of the child/children who surprised them on their Anniversary????Priceless:)

It's good to be back posting. I'll be around to see what you all have been up too:)

`Till next time.............................................
~Debra xxx