Make Up Trial #2 - Make Up Contouring

For round faces like me, it is always a challenge on how to get the right angle everytime your face is kidnapped by the camera lenses. More often than not, you will end up taking another round of photos when you see a healthy face beaming at the camera. Hassle.

Thanks to a boring night one time. I spent my night clicking several pages in google to see results of what they call "contour" when make up is the meat of the topic. Makeupgeek actually had the best article for this one and I was glad I stuck my monitor on her page because I have really learned a lot.

Needless to say, before you start with contouring your face, you are already done with the basics - washing your face, applying make up primer, and applying foundation. You got to have an angled make up brush (the one I used was my Ellana blush brush) and a shade that is two steps darker than you. I did not fathom that much as to what product will I use as I found my inactive Avon eyebrow case winking at me. But ideally, choose a blush color that is two steps darker than your skintone. A fluffy brush would be best!

The most important part of contouring is knowing where to glide the brush on your face. Marlena of makeupgeek gives her readers a tip - create a face like below:
Those little white doodles say, CONTOUR HERE!

1. In this look-like-a-fish moment, you can locate your cheekbones and contouring will take place right below them (your cheekbones). 

2. Get some powder of your chosen shade. In my case, I prefer to squeeze the brush so that that I can define first the contour line (and not to mention that I have a very slim portion of the shade I chose). 

3. Position your brush in such a way that it "fits" your contour line. Glide them over. By this time, you'd get the a contour line that is darker than your tone.

4. So as to get rid of that obvious effect of the line, make use of the fluffy feature of your brush and gently smudge the shade. In this way, it will look more natural.

The result:
I still have big face, I know, but now I have a more defined cheekbones. :D

I like how the contour came in naturally like as if I was slashed by something brownish. :p

Make ups can really do wonders, I swear! This is only an "another try" moment for me and as makeupgeek has said, it will always take a lot of practice to get the best contoured face and defined cheekbone! So hell yeah, let's play along with make ups! :D