Every Tuesday is Bloggers' Bodega
and everyone is WELCOME!!!!
If you are new to our little Tuesday get together, Welcome! Tuesdays are dedicated to you the shop keeper with an Etsy, on line shop or on line boutique like ours MAISONSTGERMAIN.COM. Also it is dedicated to you the shopper as these are some of the best shops on -line. Here you will find the most unique things. So, grab a cup of tea and relax while clicking on our many different friend's shops. ENJOY:) All we ask is that you grab out button and post it on your blog that you have joined. The more people that know about all of us the better it is for everyone. And since this is world wide this is even more exciting:)


Our Etsy shop is featured this week. (See side bar to go to it.) This is a 'brand new' old stock purple head piece. It is in perfect condition. Isn't it beautiful?

 For all of you Bohemian Ladies out there, this is a fabulous belt buckle. Not really sure how this one wound up on Etsy and not in my own possesion except that Nicole probably took it before I got to it. Partners.......;)I may have to buy it myself.
This dress... This dress is so beautiful. We bought it from an estate sale and everyone who saw me walking around with it wanted it. Check it out on our Etsy to find out the details and to see more pictures.

Thank you everyone who has been joining our little get together. Those of you who want to join just grab the code below :)

Have fun!!!!
'Till next time........
~Debra XXX

I have some VERY EXCITING NEWS to share with you in a couple of days!!!!!!!!