.......well it is here in our home. Oh, yes, it may still snow outside but I had to put my foot down and announce to the universe that : Yes, the snow was lovely the first, 5th and 10th time. No, we didn't appreciate all of the ice and extra bitter cooooold weather. Falling in front of my granddaughter will forever be embedded in her memory. Nicole laughing at me when I fell will always be embedded in my memory. And we have now boycotted Winter:)

I am Springing up the house. Don brought these flowers home to me:)
Aren't they beautiful? He said today that when he looks at them they make him happy. Isn't that the sweetest thing?
The colors just scream SPRING IS HERE!!!
I have fluffed all of the pretty pillows and stacked some reading material on my favorite chair.  Keep the garden catalogs coming:)
Bulbs are blooming and filling the room with their beautiful perfume:)
Vintage and new flower pots are waiting to be filled with some new greens.
Our pond in the solarium is waiting for me to put some live greens in it for the Koi to eat.
We are waiting for the birds to start building nests again so that we can watch the little ones grow.

Is it Spring in your home yet?

'Till next time....
~Debra XXX