Afternoon (and Evening) at Ystilo Salon

I said before that I want to try out other salon to overhaul my "dying" hair. Well, guess what, I still ran to Ystilo for their superb service. This time thoiugh, I spared myself from hassle of going to MOA (my stylist, Romy, is at MOA branch). I opted to go to the branch near me in Pasong Tamo. I was delighted to see that they have a current promo for rebonding so I was there sitting for about 7 hours to get my hair done. Lol. What can I say, I still get the same superb service that I got from MOA branch. My stylist now, Aidan, is very accomodating and not to mention very dedicated to me. And yeah, they got complimentary beverages here! I already had two cups of my Nescafe. :)

my untamed hair. ugh.

tadddaaaaaaa! after seven hours of treatment! =)

The whole treatment was a very good experience to me. The service, the in-between massages, the good music made the session not just bearable but delightful as well.
I also discovered something in Ystilo. That is, they have Orly and China Glaze nail laquers and the price of the mani-pedi is just very decent! One hundred bucks for my manicure and Php 120 for my pedi - with Orly! Amazing! Other high end nail salon would charge you additional fee if you choose the likes of Orly laquers but at Ystilo salon, they have it as a default brand. Sowshal! So while I was nailed on my chair for the hair treatment, I availed of the mani-pedi and got Platinum for my feet and ancient jade for my hands. The colors are jsut so vibrant. I love them!

I am really impressed as to how Ystilo does its business. No frills, no whatsoever, just purely giving their clients that so-called customer satisfaction. I love this salon to bits!