New Kicks from Parisian

Yes, Parisian again! This brand is really the one that I frequently check on and would have no plans to get a pair but I always end up grabbing one. For one, the price is outrageously cheap and the quality is decent and not compromised. This time, I got a wooden clogs with a t-strap design.

The boost in my height is one of the greatest selling factors, and yeah, the lightness of the "wood" makes it bearable to walk longer, too. With these two features at hand, I would never regret shedding my one thousan pesos for a pair. I don't know, but brown footwear tickles my "kikayness" and I find it sexier to wear brown than black shoes. :) The details of the brown, pink, and orange running through the vertical strap excites me as well as I feel that it is both playful and sexy. Overall, I could say that I get the right balance of casual and formal effect in this pair! I love it!

I plan to wear these on Friday when I would already buy that top from Forever 21 which I have been meaning to buy since yesterday. Yes, it is a sign that I do waaaant that top. :)