I'm not sure if apologising for not having any photographs published lately is right. Maybe from my camera, but not really from myself.. if that make's any sort of sense at all. I know that I had a lot planned for the past few months, but I've realised that I just need to pace myself. Then again, I need to stop being so lax about everything, waiting for the opportunities to come to me. These opportunities need to be found, and not everything is based on luck (I also have a shit attraction to luck anyhow).

Life, in itself, has just been swirling around, making my balance unstable and my brain tired.

But with this lack-of-apologetic-tone blogpost, it does come with a sort of selection of photos from the past two months or so :-)
So keep you're eyes peeled and ready to soak in the colours and emotions!
Will be up by tomorrow night

Lots of love alwaaaays,
Annie xxxxxx

(why am I feeling so loving tonight??!)
(thank you guys for all the nice comments!!)
(also here's a song that should accompany the wind and rain that has been non- stop over the past few days:


♥ ♥ ♥