Iconic Handbags from Martha and Lilly

Yesterday I was reminded that vintage doesn't have to be restricted to wearing the clothes, it can also be about taking an iconic piece and using it as the feature of an outfit. I am past the age where I can simply don a vintage piece and look fab and with my figure I suspect that the pieces that would look fab are the dresses worn by the curvy types like Marilyn Monroe - could get a gal in trouble. So my wardrobe is limited in terms of vintage pieces I can quickly don, feel great and look fab. What I do enjoy though is taking jewellery and accessories of yesteryear, giving my attire a particular era and showcasing them as my central piece of the day. Maureen returned from the States with a pair of gorgeous amber earrings which I quickly snaffled them up, and yesterday whilst I was waiting for a shop to open a woman came over and commented on them. I am truly inspired by vintage fashions worn with style. But what about all the women who simply don't fit the physical mould? Vintage accessories ... to be noticed. Cindy and Kris of Martha and Lilly fame join us for VVV on 23 May and will have their beautiful range of bags. Daybags, kiss clasp purses, movie bags, computer bags, and kindy trinkets, all individually designed and hand sewn in Fremantle, each bag is a one off, often made with recycled fabrics and clasps, never to be seen again. These purses are the centrepiece of any outfit and are sure to create a few gasps of admiration in whatever circles you move within.