What to Wear Today!

Woke up this morning, today's look floating around in the ethers. Alison Houtte of Hooti Couture talks of using vintage as the centre piece for dressing according to one's personality. In their fabulous book 'What do you want to be today?' Trinny and Susannah offer iconic vintage and retro looks for all of us to experiment with. Me? I'm beyond one look to my personality or one vintage era I like to reflect, I like to wax and wane according to how I am feeling! Very individual. Today ... I started with tiger and leopard print leggins courtesy of Maureen and New York, black A Line mid thigh skirt I had made, black op shop 60's style shirt, thick belt, 60's gilt metal necklace bought at a recent auction, recycled metal earrings purchased yesterday at Guildford Art on Swan, leopard print long scarf - a long ago gift from Italy - and black leather boots purchased in the 90's, again Italian. Italian shoes, I just can't resist. Bought these ones at an op shop on Wednesday, brand new, leather sole, beautiful ... but need a home, they are one size too big.