Vintage Japanese

With all the focus on designers vintaging from Paris, London, Milan and New York, some of the influences from other cultures can slip into the background. Today I explored Japanese textiles .... literally in the backyard! I had the good fortune to catch up with Textile Artist Wendy Lugg yesterday and she put me on to Japon, located in the alleyway behind the former Rose Hotel in North Fremantle. Whilst there I had a lovely chat with Becky. She and husband Keith moved their business into their warehouse and have never looked back. And right now they have a sale on! I took these photos of the baskets and barrels of recycled kimonos all going out for $5 each! And then there are the rolls of kimono fabrics, 50% off, the absolutely gorgeous obi's (have I spelt it correctly?) and some of the most delicate feminine clutch type purses I have ever laid my hands on, they were truly beautiful to hold. So if you are into old style Japanese to wear, textiles to fashion new garments from or upfashion old garments, or older textiles with which to decorate your home, this is the place to go. Auctions in Japan are invite only and Becky is often the only Westerner there, accompanied by her Japanese speaking assistant. So, if like me, you have travelled along Stirling Highway and seen the Japon sign many times, but never ventured in, then I recommend that you do ... and leave lots of time for textile browsing not to mention the possibility of purchasing a more up market kimono to give that classy touch to lounging around your home. Gosh I wish I looked like Nigella Lawson.