Out and About .... in Freo

Have been into Freo this morning. First up, met the lovely Jane at FreInfo - she also sits at the community notices desk in the Fremantle Library. A copy of our flyer is on the noticeboard and is included in the regular FreInfo email to over 660 email addresses. Jane was really helpful and very efficient, a big thankyou.

A couple of weeks ago I posted flyers at the 'Old Values' retro store in Fremantle, the Victoria Street Deli in Mosman Park, Breast Check in Mosman Park (my breasts are indebted to Alex and her team) and the 91 Seeds cafe on Marmion Street in Palmyra. Today I posted them at the South Fremantle Shopping Complex, The South Beach Cafe, The Meeting Place (and had a chat with Jenny), Tropicana, Hamilton Hill IGA and a busy cafe near Westgate Mall. If there is a public space that invites material, then I am filling it. And watch out Muzz Buzz girls, my favourite ones on Rockingham Road got their flyer this morning, I'm handing them out to anyone I meet along the way.

I then visited the local vintage and retro stores in Fremantle. This was a real pleasure, it is some time since I have been able to just meander through the town of my childhood and its looking pretty good, creative expression is really blooming there. First I visited Fi & Co at the back of New Editions bookshop. Then on to Seldom She Blushes where I met Fern who then introduced me to Annette of Broken Doll. Pop Ups at our event from both these ladies look promising. Then I visited Off the Wall and Pongee, no one home but I will return.

And in the midst of all this a call from the lovely Louise at Kwik Copy to say that the printing of our promotional material is underway and she will call me as soon as they are finished - how exciting!

I've returned home for a short break to see that the We Heart Vintage girls in Mt Lawley have tuned in on our facebook - fantastic. Am off again soon, Canning Highway here I come!