What Have Chooks Got to do with Vintage?

Miss Betties Vintage and Retro stall of course. Miss Bettie hails from Deborah Varga's chicken - BettieBird - who was the best chook and friend a gal could have hoped for! She is dearly departed these days - gone but not forgotten! Deb says she was a real character who would probably be rather pleased about the mini-empire built in her legacy.

The story behind the business begins with Deb as a quilter 20 years ago and in the process she fell in love with making aprons. She uses only the best quality 100% cotton vintage or American cotton fabric. All of her aprons are one-off originals, designed and made by her. She does special orders including children's aprons and makes her aprons 'Queen-sized' so they fit the ladies and the lads who like a few frills and ruffles in the kitchen! Her most popular apron is her 'cocktail' apron - which suits the more bedroom / burlesque orientated cook ..... entertainning! At Vintage Vixens and Vamps, Miss Betties will primarily have retro fashion items Deb have collected over a 25 year period and include clothing, bags & jewellery together with fabric, buttons and patterns for the 'do-it-yourself' fashionista! I have seen Deb's stall in action, be prepared to watch it whittle down very quickly!