Recycled and Refashioned Spell STYLE!

What I really, really, really like about Vintage clothing is not just the gorgeous fabrics and colours! What I love is its STYLE! But wearing vintage clothing on their own doesn't necessarily equate with being stylish, that comes from knowing how to wear it and how to use it ... in a contemporary society. Unless one is attending a era specific themed event then dressing strictly according to styles in the 50's and 60's today may not work as well... today we have different bodies, different tastes and dare I say it we might be facing different climatic conditions! On the weekend I ventured to the Craft and Antique and Collector's Fair to meet and see the work of Jody Pearl, dynamo behind ReInvent. She is taking recycled clothing and upstyling them, giving them a contemporary look or taking a contemporary garment and giving it a vintage look! Her beautiful dusty pink jacket with cherubs and lace is just beautiful and very 40's. Not everyone can find the perfect true blue vintage garment in their size and colour to highlight their body and shape. But we can take what's available in the op shop arena and convert into into something reminiscent of the style from the past. In November the Craft and Antique and Collector's Fair will be holding a Recycled Fashion Competition in two categories - wearable garment and wearable accessory. I have been talking with a host of vintage and retro inspired very creative refashionistas in Perth and I am sure they will all give this competition a run for its money - as well as teach a few of us along the way. Vintage Vixens and Vamps will be hosting some of these creative ladies at our event on 23 May with further vintage refashioning platforms in the pipeline. May vintage and retro fashion continue to play its part in imbueing Perth with style !