Fat? So what!

I deal with weight issues since I first dealt with teenage life. It has been part of my system. I have the ability to gain and lose weight – easily. I can bloat or in an instant just like a balloon. Case in point:

Nah, spare me from telling you my diet schemeS. It will take me like forever to jot them down. In this piece, I want to lay down the “tricks” I have which make me feel a lot better when my torso is becoming like a cabinet and my clothes act like an aluminum foil wrapping an embutido. :p

So how I choose to be “sexy” when I’m not? Here!

1. Wear red nails

2. Wear curly hairs

3. Wear a statement lips

4. Strike a pose!

5. Wear a high-end bag

6. Wear that killer shoes!

... and that's it! How about you? How do you battle out figure issues in an instant? :)