Hello Everyone:)

Hope your day is full of smiles. As I looked around today, I saw so many things that make me smile. I thought I'd share. I had more photos but for some reason blogger wouldn't let me upload them. That didn't make me smile:)
 Meet Sunnee. He is a blue and gold Macaw. I have had him since he was a baby, when I used to own my pet shop. I had to hand feed him with a huge syringe. He was supposed to be for sale in my shop but I fell in love and  the rest is history. He talks quite a bit. I just love him and he makes me smile daily:)
 LOVE, love, love plants and statues. I love the way they look, the way they smell and I even enjoy watering them.
 Beautiful Birthday flowers:) They make me and my kitchen smile:)
And speaking of the kitchen. My kitchen makes me smile. Even when it is messy which is daily;) It is bright and cheerful and where everyone seems to gather.

What made you smile today? I'd love to know:)

`Till next time.........................

~Debra XXX