Product Review: Asian Secrets Body Scrub

I first knew about this product through Liz of Project Vanity. I do love body scrubs, not because I am desperate to get "white", but because I love the feeling of being clean. In this product though, I was not that keen on trying it as I felt it might just be some sort of "advertising" as the mentioned blog got a sponsorship from the brand.

It was when I visited Watsons last time that I've seen these tubs of Asian Secrets which brought me to curiosity. The tub is an eye candy in white and green packaging and the price was too affordable (at 80 ph)for a body scrub. I grabbed one, tried it, and the rest, they say, is history!

I am on my third tub now and I am still loving it! The selling point for me actually is the scent, the texture, and the effect it gives on my skin.

SCENT. Upon popping up, you will be welcomed by a very luxurious scent wrapping up your senses. It is not strong, neither too artificially scented. There is a pang of natural smell that would let you dip your hands on them and lather on!

TEXTURE. Unlike other scrubs, it is not sandy that would cause your skin to become reddish when applying. Its creamy texture makes you lengthen your "lather moments" which enables you to rub of more dirt. I specially like this when I feel too cold of a morning shower that I start my bath by lathering Asian Secrets on my skin. It does not feel awkward having the product on your body without letting the water run first on your body. You see, it can actually save you time!

EFFECT ON MY SKIN. The after bath is soothing. It does not dry your skin, in fact I feel like I am mositurized after! Yeah, another factor why it saves time - you don't need an ample amount of time to put on lotion through out your body!. =)

To sum it all, this product is such a steal! I would definitely continue to use it!