Product Review: Evolution Of Smooth (EOS)

Every face of my vanity life, I do have something that I am drooling on. At the moment, I am in my lip balm hauling. Well, it all started when I was in dire need of a solution to my cracked lips. It’s been going on for weeks and it irked me more and more everyday. Then I met Carmex. It solved my problem. I thought that was the end of my search for this product behind a good lipstick application. No, don’t get me wrong, I am all praises for Carmex. It is just the “hauler” in me that I cannot sit down with only one brand for a type of product. Yes, that is me.
My ever reliable online shopper, the CareFreeShopper, bursted once again with a brand called EOS. As the women behind the shop confessed, it is their favorite. Add up a friend who is really not into these kinds of vanities but managed to like EOS, it awakened my curiosity on what these raves are all about.

EOS redefined the shape of lip balm. While the traditional ones are in tube, or in a small jar which you need to dip you pinky finger and dab on your lips, EOS packaged their product in a spherical shape, with a very smooth texture. Yeah, the texture itself denotes how smooth the real product is!
Twisting the sphere clockwise, you’d see a dome shape lip balm (although they got one in a traditional tube). It actually felt weird when applying it as unlike the typical lip products, I felt that a lot goes beyond my lips when applied. It is because of its big shape. But after several tries, I figured out it was designed to be rolled over you lips, not minding that it may “go beyond” since in the first place it does not have any color like a lipstick. LOL. The gliding on is a total experience. You could do it like forever!
Another thing that captured me was the scent. It just seems so natural. It is friendly for my nostrils.
Best if all, I woke up with an oh so smooth lips! Now if you ask me I permanently changed my heart from Carmex to EOS, I did not. It is sharing my heart to both!

Note: EOS can also be bought separately.