Landmark and what it has to offer

I went to Landmark after a full day of training at Shangri la Makati last week to unwind and drop by their ladies' counter at the ground floor. I was again surprised to see a more sophisticated Landmark (after I discover that they do sell Longchamps). I have seen high end nail polish and scents and other things a kikay girl would actually love to see! And yes, it was nostalgic to see angel's breath one of the shelves. Even Levy commented that he remembered his childhood with that cologne.

I shed a few hundred bucks for the stuff I found interesting there. Here's the list of what I think are worth sharing:

1. Carmex Lip Balm
Oh yes! They are here in the Philippines, and Landmark is the best place to get it for Makati-based     people. I've found good reviews about this product and I am glad I set foot in Landmark to get a tube for me. I was kind of desperate to resolve my long-time problem on cracked lips and I've tried a lot of brands but to no avail. But lo and behold, Carmex is now my holy grail! This cost 99 bucks, not bad.

2. "Magic"curlers
Different from the traditional curlers, these curlers come in one piece with no outer clamp. It holds the hair through its velcro. It's creative but I would still recommend the traditional one since it holds more than this type of curlers.

                                                             this is what i mean

3. Bath and Body Works PocketBac holder and sanitizer
It was actually my dear Alsace who introduced me to this new way of handling your sanitizer. Gah, I'm losing a grip on what's "ïn". Yeah, old age I may say. lol! I envied her holder that I immediately grab a cute light pink with glitters when I spotted BBW shelf. I got the warm vanilla sugar scent since the other types are too "scenty" for me. Holder and sanitizer cost 99 php each. Carefreeshopper has a cuter version of holder. The one with rhinestones and it costs 272 php! Sanitizers are at 75 php. Not bad!

4. Elianto Nail Polish
I was eyeing for the Orly Nail Laquers when I swept my sight on the counter of Elianto. They have a generous sale on some items, nail polish included! each bottle costs 59 php, somewhat same price to the other local brands we have. I thought it was a good deal so I bought two pastel shades and a colorless one.

A quick polish swatch. I'll update once I had my nails done in a salon. =) 
How about you, what are your recent vanity haul?