A token of appreciation

I am a self-confessed moody blogger. I write when I want to. I don’t if I can’t form even just one or two creative sentences. For me, writing is something that should be different from normal combination of words – and this is where I am stressed about when my creative taste does not kick in.

But it is pleasing to know that even though I had this love-hate relationship with blogging, there are still some people who choose to visit and read my blog. Few as they may seem, still I am grateful to those who appreciate my little space in this endless world called the internet. I may not know it, but I feel that there are a handful of people who find this blog a little worthwhile to read – and I thank them for that.

And so with this, I want to show my appreciation to one hell of a cool woman who click the button and became the first ever follower of Barprov! I got some goodies for her!

I am in my generous mode so I want to extend this little give away to the next nine followers! To make things even easier, you may opt to follow me on twitter! Just put your twittername on the comment so that I can check it. I’m excited! No, nothing major but just small items which I personally pick for you. =)

Again, thank you Aya for following this blog! =) More power!